Matthew Daddario, Emeraude Toubia, and Harry Shum Jr in ‘Shadowhunters’ season 3 episode 8 (Freeform/John Medland)

Photo Source: (Freeform/John Medland)

* I think this season of shadowhunters is the best thus far. So much action, love, and fake love! On the previous episode, we saw heartless Jace, a surprise for Maia, and Clary’s confession. Where will all of those moments lead to? Hmmmmmm……. keep reading and watching to find out more!

Free My Man Jace:

Our sexy face Jace is on the dark side right now, but his brother and sister refuse to let his spirit die. Izzy and Alec decided to trap Jace in hope to get his normal self back. While that continued to occur, Clary has questioned her wears about in Alicante. Izzy and Alec soon received their wish as they were reunited with the real Jace. This moment was very sad because Jace wanted to die. The imprisonment that Lilith withstood upon him caused great misery. This scene caused doubt in any victorious outcome against Lilith. She used him for so many disgusting things! Honestly, I would take emotional Jace over owl Jace any day.

Lilith’s Property:

Just when we thought that we could keep our honey bun safe, Lilith comes back for Jace (Hey that rhymes:). The mother of all nasties came back to strangle Magnus with her powers. Before she could take his life, incomes Alec and Izzy to the rescue. If it’s not one thing it’s another that’s for sure. Lilith takes back what she claims is her’s. I thought it was ironic how she got her hands on him again after Jace begged his siblings not to let Lilith get him. Well, that promise was broken.

Maia and Simon:

Maia asked Simon for time to clear her head, who knows how long that is going to take. After seeing her ex-lover with her new lover, she has done mixed emotions. These two are so cute together I would hate to see another beautiful relationship fail. With all of the relationship drama going on this season, I was really hoping that the both of them could keep it together. Maia needs some type of closure because she hasn’t gotten over Jordan or “Kyle”. Seeing him hit a couple of heartstrings and that’s why she can’t face Simon in that kind of emotional state. At the same time, this is a time that Simon is going to need her the most considering the fact that she found out that Simon is responsible for the failures in her plans. We cant trust that Kyle will continue to do his job being Simon’s protect her after he found out that he is loving his ex-woman. Somewhere in the timeline, the love triangle will have to figure it out because the darkness is still going to rise if Simon doesn’t know what he’s doing. The big picture is that Simon can possibly stop Lilith if the other Shadowhunters help him, but if they wait until Lilith gets her hands on him, its over. The hug that those two shared made me want to melt in my pillow. It was a goodbye for now kinda hug.

Lilith vs. Seelie:

We saw in the promo how Lilith visits the Seelie queen, but she found out more information than what she came to know. Lilith finds out that Simon is a daylighter which is mere putty in her hand. The brand not only protects him, but it can also banish Lilith. All if her little precious children were deleted thanks to Simon. Simon is the hidden king in the game that Lilith is playing. Her little pawn moves aren’t going to be enough. Pause. If I have to keep hearing Lilith glorify her son, I’m going to throw up in her mouth (Not really). I can believe this grown woman had the audacity to assault the Seelie queen which is basically a little girl. What kind of mother is she?

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