*On the previous episode of Shadowhunters, we’ve seen that Lilith has decided to give Magnus a visit. The sweet warlock has no idea what kind of nasty creature he is encountered, but she is creating the beginning of a new rising evil. No good can come from this visit and in this episode, you will find out what dirty deeds the nasty queen herself is stirring up.*

Lilith’s Visit:

Lilith decides to pay Magnus a visit to find something that will stop Jace from loving Clary. Remember it was Clary’s touch that freed Jace of Lilith’s imprisonment. Now Lilith’s plan is to free Jace of Clary’s love. Without the love, Jace can continue completing his mission as the undercover owl that no one knows. I think that Magnus should’ve known something was up, but clearly what she said went over his head. I’ve heard of a love potion, never a potion that would stop love. Lilith is lurking around and destroying anything that gets between her and Jace. I hope that Magnus will eventually share her visit with the others.

Jace Wants Out:

The crazier Jace gets, the more he just wants to back away from everyone. He suggested staying in the city of bones to get treatment for his mental issues. Clary looks after Jace in hope that they won’t get caught by the clave. I like how Clary is doing all that she can to relieve Jace of his internal suffering even though Lilith has it out for their love. Once Jace no longer loves Clary, he won’t be himself ever again.

Alec Wants In:

Alec expresses his feelings about moving in together with Magnus, but he declines. Magnus believes that their relationship is still too fresh to move in together. Magnus’s experiences have brought him to realize that it’s best to take their time. Malec is my favorite couple and they could definitely survive living together, but I understand Magnus is trying to protect himself.

Clary Finally Chokes:

I knew that eventually, Clary would have to spill the beans to someone because the lies are tearing her apart. Seeing Jace in a terrible mental state has cornered her into finding help. Now that Luke knows the truth, he will help her find help for Jace.

Snooping Jace:
Jace tries to help Simon find out who canceled his musician gig. Life in his new apartment with Kyle has placed Simon on cloud nine and has blinded him from the truth. Jace discovered that Kyle isn’t who he says he is which is an innocent roommate( he didn’t say that). After snooping in his room, Jace and Simon discovers that Kyle is a werewolf that was assigned to protect Simon. The brand on Simon’s head caused him to have protection until they figure out exactly what it is.Simon felt as if he was some type of charity case, but I think it’s a great idea in case someone tries to kill him…….again.
Clary’s Findings:

On Clary’s and Luke’s Journey to search for a long lost iron sister, they found out that she is useless. Clary’s blood is the only way left to summon an angel, but that can also result in another consequence. Jace is what’s important to Clary and for that won’t give up until he is free.

Eeeeeeek Izzy’s Date!

Finally, Izzy has stopped fighting the idea of going on a date with that sexy doctor! I’m so glad, now she can forget about dusty Raphael. Sadly the date couldn’t last all night because she sensed the presence of a demon. While fighting Lilith’s demon seed, she has once again put a stop to her plans. Pause. I like how when the demon died Lilith felt it in her stomach like period cramps. Luckily her date came back to rescue her with love and stitches.

Magnus’s Box:

Alec gets antsy after finding souvenirs of Magnus past lovers. The box contains a piece of love from all of his romantic partners that he outlived. Magnus is immortal which means he can’t die. Alec believes that the box is the reason why Magnus doesn’t want him to move in which I find ridiculous. As time goes by, he will be just another souvenir in the box.

The Angel Has Come:

Clary’s way of summoning the angel has worked, but her luck just ran out. Lilith killed the angel before he could get the opportunity to share with her who is behind the evil rising. At least we know Jace isn’t being punished for being resurrected. Lilith has captured a piece of Clary’s soul which was the last ingredient necessary to make Jace not be in love with her. Without the help of the angel Clary will have no choice, but to get help from the others before it’s too late. Lilith has Jace in her palms and this time, Clary can’t save him.

* This season is getting really good! I just hope that Clary will just go ahead and tell the others since she told Luke and the angel already knew what she did. Jace is no longer able to be on their side now that he is Lilit’s fulltime puppet, but we will see what will emerge from this mess.