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They Can’t Get Enough Of Simon:

What happen when Simon pisses you off and you try to attack him? Oh yeah, his forehead will attack you with his secret light power. I guess the Seelie queen isn’t so mean. The brand imprinted on his forehead is to protect him from anyone possibly harming him. Maybe she didn’t want to release Simon from the Seelie court at first because she knew outside of the realm he wouldn’t be safe. The real question is why would the Seelie Queen want to protect Simon? Why grant him with such a brand opposed to everyone else who set foot in the Seelie Realm? This is a one way ticket to freedom for Simon because his forehead can fight his battles. I believe that Simon is a daylighter and Simon is just being, well Simon, and that contributed to the Seelie Queen’s decision to place the mark on him. I wonder if the mark means that Simon will be property of the Seelie Realm and will have to return whenever the queen needs him. I also think the queen placed the mark on him because she sees him as a guy with great purity. Later on Simon and Maia join Jace and Clary and it gets pretty awkward. I don’t think anyone can resist the soft side of Jace or the side that is constantly thinking about Jonathan. I wouldn’t go that far to say that Jace is like another Edward Cullen, but when it comes to love he has a lot of his traits. It’s clear as day that Clary loves Jace. She didn’t care about any consequences that came with bringing him back to life, she just wanted him. Though it’s great that he is alive, it’s hard to focus on Clary when all Jace can think about is Johnathan causing him to hurt her. I can tell not only from his words, but his actions that he truly loves her. Clary is different from Jace’s past so he treats her differently. He wants to love her the right way in the right state of mind

Don’t Come For Magnus:

The New Warlock in town suspects that Magnus is a buddy to the demon. Out of all people Magnus? Sweet Magnus? Lorenzo has lost his everlasting mind. Lorenzo believed that the demon is Magnus’s father. Really dude? This part of the episode made me really want to explode because there were several things leading to Magnus being a possible suspect, but his corrupt parent is the cause of chaos (Think again Lorenzo). It’s totally his father causing all of this hell and tragedy (Sarcastic voice). Lilith’s darkness was no match for the Magnus and Alec.