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We open to Vera healing herself after Alyssa and Salvador break parley and escape. Vera wants to know how Jack knew Salvador was Midnight. It was because of a quote Alyssa got from Salvador.

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Nichole finds Gabrielle unconscious. She get Randall who moves her to somewhere more comfortable. Gabrielle takes a trip to the collective unconsciousness. There she sees Kyle. Kyle somehow manipulated Gabrielle into getting Midnight’s hide. Kyle and Midnight want Jack and Silverback dead. Vera was successful in killing Salvador. Alyssa holds a funeral for her with a few others from Praxas. Alyssa and the others at the funeral cast a fire spell to cremate Salvador and to purposely cause an eruption. They will continue to cause them until the Order gives them the spell they want.

Gabrielle and Kyle talk more and Kyle pressures Gabrielle and is trying to drive her mad when she refused. While Gabrielle is trying to survive the collective unconscious, Midnight is taking Gabrielle’s body for a spin. Gabrielle greets Hamish and Randall by their werewolf names. She referred to Lilith by her werewolf also. They preform the ritual to try and get Lilith back They end up causing an eruption. The spell worked but in a wonky way. The eruption and the spell interacted somehow. Hamish goes to Vera to get her help. No one has caught on yet that something with Gabrielle isn’t right.

When going to get Vera for help, Alyssa attacks. She knocks Hamish out with a sleep type spell and paralyzes Vera. With the portal open in Lilith’s locker a demon tries to come through. Randall takes his head. Gabrielle/Midnight goes to try to kill Jack and lands on her face knocked out. Alyssa stole something very important from Vera. Vera preformed the spell that Alyssa wants with great cost.

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Somehow the Knights get Vera and Alyssa to work together. The portal to Hell is getting worse all the time. The problem with the incantation the first time was the sacrafice was supposed to be a witch aka a practitioner. A magical life for a magical life. Nichole offers herself up. Randall stops her from taking by blowing forgetful sleepy dust in her face. The same stuff they were using on them at the beginning.

Are they able to fix the eruptions? What did Alyssa steal from Vera? Is Lilith home? What did you think of this season? Did you like how they set up the episodes this time? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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