We open to Jack and Gabriella’s ethics class and Jack isn’t there. He strolls in a minute later looking more like himself and shocking Gabriella and his teacher as always is absolutely thrilled to see him. Jack is mourning the loss of Lilith. The Grand Magus summoned Jack and Alyssa. Jack and Alyssa are going behind enemy lines to confirm the Sons of Prometheus stole the Order’s sacred items. Vera knows that Jack and the other Knights stole it first but Vera believes that is was the Sons who ultimately stole it.

Randall and Hamish are unhappy that Jack is going to be a hostage for the negotiations. Because Jack will be a hostage for Parley, he needs to have someone to take an important Ethics test for him. Gabriella will help them achieve this IF they also take her test. They agree and so both plans are set in motion. Parley is reached after binding is made with Alyssa to Malachi and with Jack to Xavier. Jack and Alyssa go with the Sons specifically Orbin. Jack is reminded to behave. Alyssa is excited and I think she and Orbin share a mutual interest in each other. Gabriella does a spell to change Randall and Hamish’s appearance. Alyssa and Jack are offered a drink once at Son’s compound. Alyssa likes it but Jack spits it out. I am suspicious of the drink. They get a tour of the grounds and are given the freedom to roam but are not allowed to go to any building. Hamish and Randall finish the test successfully through the TA is suspicious for some reason. Then the teacher invites Jack/Hamish to get together which I am also suspicious about. I just have to say Hamish and Randall are awesome.

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During a formal part of parley back at the Order’s Temple, Xavier tells Vera about an attack that left a Son dead at their compound. The Sons want help from the Order because they are known for their werewolf hunting, to hunt the werewolves responsible for the death of the Son. Vera knows it was Jack or Lilith. Kepler walks in and takes over the conversation for a minute. As Vera and Kepler take a break from parley, they argue and Kepler argues themselves into a corner. Alyssa is very pliable it seems. They are offered more juice. Alyssa is thrilled and Jack doesn’t want any. A glass gets spilled and broken and Orbin looks worried. Why? Jack takes a walk to clear his head. He gets caught when he goes into the building that held the stolen objects.

Orbin and Alyssa are taking a walk. Orbin tells Alyssa that she would make an excellent member of the Sons. Alyssa refuses. Not out of loyalty for the Order but because of her magic. Maybe that’s just a line she is giving him. Alyssa and Orbin kiss. As they kiss, Orbin’s hive mind group pulls Alyssa in and reads her thoughts. Because of this, the Son’s know Jack is a werewolf. He runs off and they let him. He goes to Alyssa and pulls her away from Orbin to speak with her. Alyssa is getting sucked further and further into the hive mind. They can’t get away nor can they leave the compound while parley is in play. Randall and Gabriella check out the professor’s house as Hamish goes to the meeting. Still trying to escape from the Sons Alyssa and Jack stumble on a secret of the Sons.

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What secret did they stumble upon? What was up with the glass spilling? What was the meeting about? So many questions! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…