We open to the Knights trying to figure out where everything went because it ALL disappeared. The Order on the other hand is scrambling to get everything back as well as contain the demon. The Grand Magus, Vera, calls for the Knights to be brought in because they need all the practitioners they can get.

The Knights call back the thief demon to try to get their stuff back. They must come up with a request to get their stuff back and make it preventable to steal from them again. As they are coming up with this, Alyssa walks in and catches them with the demon.

Alyssa is pissed. Alyssa tells Jack what the demon is coming and the thief demon laughs with glee. Apparently, the demon coming is a big baddie and is bringing the apocalypse. The Knights are trying to get everything back, especially the sickles and Midnight. Jack stays to figure this out while the others go back to the Order to help. Vera is scrambling to figure out how to contain the demon. There is a spell that could take care of the problem but Vera doesn’t have access to it. Kempler gives her the spell anyway. The emperor demon that is coming is a fear demon that takes away all your fear. Gabreila asks why that is a bad thing. The Grand Magus explains that if you lose all of your fear. Including the fear of dying. Then the demon owns you.

The thief demon is willing to forgo the ritual and her price is another drink from Hamish. She just wants to get back to her life. When they ask for the demon to retrace her steps she brings them to where she was last. It’s where all the magic stuff is. The Order is trying to do the rituals to contain the emperor demon. The ritual does not go as planned. The demon knocks out the Grand Magus and picks on Alyssa and takes her fear. It is amazing how much she changes without fear. The cat, or should I say dog, is out of the bag about the Knights being werewolves. Vera knows they have their memories back. She “allows” them to be werewolves again but still part of the Order. At least until the demon crisis has been taken care of. Needless to say, the demon is roaming free at the moment. The emperor demon that is. The thief demon is barely anything compared to him. The demon takes the fear from Hamish too because he knocked him out leaving Randall to face the demon alone.

Jack and Lilith get back to the campus from where the magical item is at only to have a student land on the car. Randall and Hamish are complete without fear which is bad. Alyssa is without fear and is very unhelpful. Lilith and Jack get to the Order and find out how dire the situation is. The Grand Magus is going to turn the Order’s temple into a bomb and she expects EVERYONE to help. Randall and Hamish can not be counted on right now so it is up to Jack and Lilith to try and save the day. They are going to the epicenter of the blast to lure the demon to them since he Loves werewolf fear. They will stay there for the duration of the ritual no matter what. Alyssa may not feel fear anymore but she can still feel regret. She speaks to Lilith and apologizes for not being there for her best friend. She tells Jack that they are wrong for each other but she still feels for him. Lilith and Jack face this together.

Are the Knights and the Order able to save the world? What is the price to be paid? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Til next week…