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We open to Alyssa and Salvador trying to fix Alyssa’s magic. It doesn’t look pleasant.

Randall and Jack are keeping and eye on an apartment when a sound trumpeted and the windows lit up red. When the guys go to investigate, Jack finds Alyssa and blows him into a wall. They come upon part of the artifacts of the Order. When they return, Kepler of course tries to read them the riot act. They are given the rank of Magistrix. There are those in the Order that resent them. Randall is still resentful of the Order. There is a bit of division in the Knights. Hamish is really busy helping Grand Magus Vera and Jack and Randall are out on patrol.

Alyssa is totally on board with Praxas but is concerned with all the magic going on without paying magic’s cost. It has started to cause eruptions. Nichole found a spell that can bring back Lilith. They need Timber’s hide locker which is in the possession of Praxas. Jack is hoping that Alyssa will help them. Alyssa and Jack come to an agreement for a trade. Advance warning of the next raid for Timber’s hide locker.

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Randall, Jack and Nichole decide to give Hamish a truth potion to get the time when the next raid. Three other disciples decide to cast a spell on the Knights. When Jack and Randall try to trick Hamish into drinking the truth potion they end up telling him why they need the raid information. When the spell was starting Gabrielle warned them. When the Knights get to the site a disciple gets his face blown clean off. After the raid Counselor Bennent was killed.

When Jack went to collect the hide he tried to get Praxas to stop but ended up negotiating a possible parley. Randall and Jack are at odds over involving the Order. Vera is very unhappy with Jack at the moment.

What happens at parley? Were the Knights able to get Lilith back? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…