We open to Nichole and the Knights trying to summon a demon to save Lilith. The spell is seriously underpowered. They don’t have access to the type of spell needed because it was in the stuff that was stolen.

Jack goes to check on Alyssa. She looks like hell. She is still coming off the juice the Sons were feeding her. Jack is already cleaned up, as is Vera. Jack has his werewolf pelt to help him heal and Vera is the Grand Magus so she is better equipped. Alyssa feels left behind. He is summoned away from Alyssa by said Grand Magus. The Grand Magus has terms of surrender, it’s what Randall is calling it anyway, that the Knights must sign. When challenged, Vera had them reread the oath they made at an earlier date. Completely messed up if you ask me. Vera gives them time to discuss it. Randall is against it but Hamish and Jack are for it. They sign.

Alyssa goes to Orbin. She is sure that her feelings for Jack are blocking her magic. She asks Orbin to make her a potion to sever her feeling for Jack. Orbin warns her it will destroy all feelings she has for Jack, good or bad so she needs to be sure. Kempler pulls rank and strips Vera of her Grand Magus rank and takes her place. On the walk on campus, Alyssa is walking down memory lane specifically about Jack. She is coming up to the Knight’s house where there is a party in full swing. She runs into Foley’s “TA”, Salvador, and they chat for a moment but Alyssa has no idea who she is but the smug smile on Salvador’s face says she knows who is who in the Order.

Randall and Nichole talk and Nicole leaves pissed. Salvador was about to abort the mission, whatever it was when Hamish walks out of the party because Vera wants a drink. Salvador attacks Hamish who wolfs out. Professor Foley attacks Vera with fire. He hurt her pretty badly. I suspect Alyssa is going for one more romp with Jack to get some hair from him. On the way to ethics class, Gabrielle gets a text from Kempler but not Jack. Jack ends up bullying his way in when there is resistance at the door. Vera catches Jack up on everything that has happened but she hasn’t seen Hamish. Who is Salvador? She doesn’t seem quite right.

What will happen to the Knights now that Vera is no longer Grand Magus? Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Til next week…