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We open to Kepler running up to the door as blood runs out from beneath. Behind it is Professor Foley’s corpse from what appears to be either a spell gone wrong or someone intentionally killed him. Kepler is still planning to move forward with the vote and tells Gabrielle to get the Knights back to the Order. As prisoners.

The Knights return to the Order, on their own terms. They answer questions for Vera and Kepler. The other person in the room with Vera when questioning Foley starts acting funny during the questioning. When he goes to hug Kepler, she shoves him into the Knights and he dies. Vera shuts in the Order to quarantine them from the rest of the University. Something from the spell seems to be jumping from one person to the next. During the vote, more people bestowed upon her, their light. The knights figure it is an infection. Passed person to person. The death of the host being the sacrifice that propels the spell. The Knights also come up with a possible cure but are unsure of how welcome it will be given the current climate where Vera and the Knights are concerned. Alyssa, still thinking her magic is messed up because of Vera, breaks into Vera’s off campus home. Salvador was there too and bounced Alyssa’s spell back at her knocking her out. When Alyssa comes to she finds out Salvador is packing a little something extra.

The Knight mix up the cure. They of course take it but in front of others to show it isn’t dangerous. A few take it but it is too late for once of the disciples. She possibly infected Nichole. Nichole spills the beans about the Knights robbing the Order. The Knights figure out it’s a parasite not a virus. The rest of the argument spills into the chamber the vote is being held in. Vera tries to tell Kepler that there is a Major problem but Kepler will hear none of it. Once again behind closed doors two stars of the Order bicker it out. The parasites are in the chamber with the Order’s higher ups. But the vote was made.

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Alyssa bides her time with Salvador. She still wants the book she broke in for. When she see her chance she takes it. Salvador lets Alyssa take it and leave. Salvador was able to plant the seeds she wanted to, to lure Alyssa back. Alyssa brought it to Vera right away.

What was the outcome of the vote? Who survived the parasite? Who are the stars in the Order? What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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