We open to exactly where we left off. Alyssa and Jack are trapped in a building at Son’s compound. Vera is still trying to save parley but Alyssa is not quite herself and Jack is trying to stay alive.

Source: The Order 

Jack takes the juice the Son’s have been feeding and trying to get Jack to drink but when Jack dumps it out it has a bad reaction to the tree they are trapped with and the Son’s. Even Alyssa feels the effects of Jack emptying the bottle. Gabrielle and Randall are looking through the professor’s stuff and finding that he has information on them, the Order, and even has enchanted items. Gabrielle thinks Professor Foley robbed the Order. Alyssa starts going through withdrawals from the juice. She is unfortunately still under the influence of the Sons.

Vera reveals that their magic items were stolen but because she lied about having werewolves Xavier doesn’t believe her. Hamish is still with Professor Foley as Foley is trying to convince people that magic is real. Hamish makes him look like a fake. Foley even magically ties Hamish to a chair. He warns Hamish that the next time he comes at him, not to come alone then runs away like a bat out of Hell. Randall wants to tear Foley apart for getting Lilith trapped in Hell. Gabrielle seems to have convinced Randall to not kill Foley on site. When Gabrielle brings the enchanted item to Vera, as expected Vera wants to talk to Professor Foley and orders Gabrielle to bring him to her.

Source: The Order

For the Sons to help Alyssa, Jack must surrender. They know he’s a werewolf. The thing of parley is that both Alyssa and Jack are bound to the Sons that are with Vera so she knows they are in trouble. When she and Jack talk, Vera reveals she knows who stole the stuff but she doesn’t know that Jack is on speakerphone. Jack speaks in code and either the audience is not meant to understand or I am just slow today but I don’t understand the plan. Apparently, Vera, the Grand Magus, is going to kill Jack.

Gabrielle, Randall, and Hamish stake out Professor Foley’s house so they can bring him in. The professor is pretty handy with magic. Not only does he knock out Randall who looks like his TA. Foley managed to get sigils put up around the house and trapped both Randall and Hamish. Gabrielle managed to knock Foley out but hit her head pretty hard. Jack is turning into a tree and Alyssa is coming back to herself but her heart is breaking for Jack who is turning into a tree. How is he turning into a tree? The Sons did a spell. Grand Magus Vera still has to kill him.

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Is Jack dead? Did Foley confess? Is Alyssa ok? What did you think of the episode? Let me know what you think below. Til next week…