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Once Upon A Time is back! With a whole host of new characters as well as the return of a few familiar faces. I for one am very happy to see the return of Archie Hopper, along with being very excited to see what they do with Aladdin and Jafar. Though will it link in with Once: Wonderland? Am I the only person who remembers and loved that show? The amount of new faces flooding Granny’s Diner will lead to a whole host of new stories to be told, even if those involved don’t want them to be.

The Evil Queen promises to be that level of deliciously evil, and Regina’s reaction to finding out that her other half is still alive is going to be good.

And finally. Finally. We get consequences. Being the saviour is taking its toll on Emma in ways that we do not yet understand, but the fact it’s finally happening fills me with a mixture of dread and delight. My friends and I have been saying for years that with Emma’s walls coming down and all the things she’s done and sacrificed for the good of the town in the name of being The Saviour there had to be consequences. And I’m excited to see what those might be.

And Rumbelle. It’s no secret, my love of Rumbelle. I absolutely agree with Belle but I still want them to be a couple. I can’t help it. But I’m fascinated to see where this is going, after the dream world with “Morpheus” and how it’s going to affect them and their future.

Below is my reaction post to seeing the episode for the first time:

  • Flying carpet!
  • Jafar?
  • Saviour?
  • Jafar!
  • Well that guy’s dead
  • Aladdin is the Saviour?
  • “It took becoming a hero for you to completely come apart. That’s what always happens to saviours isn’t it”
  • Oh Aladdin 🙁
  • Sexy sexy time?
  • Well something is happening to the town! Always at just the wrong moment
  • It’s a… flying ship
  • Eeeee Jekyll!!
  • No! Hyde!
  • “Evil did not make you strong”
  • “Nothing more dangerous than an untold story. And the people don’t want them told”
  • I’m really excited
  • Emma having flashbacks? Vision? This isn’t good
  • And the twitchy hand same as Aladdin
  • Ooooo Temple of Morpheus! This sounds awesome
  • Are we going to see more Greek Gods?
  • Morphy?
  • Zelena has moved in with Regina? This is going to be the best sitcom style arrangement ever! Hopefully
  • Zelena has put something in a safe place and lost it!
  • Except the evil half isn’t gone
  • So just…. stab Hyde with the pointy thing?
  • Emma! Do the hero thing!
  • Hyde knows about the tremors? What’s happening here!
  • ARCHIE!!
  • How does Hyde know this stuff?
  • Red bird? Iago?
  • You’ve got an hour to make her fall in love with you again?
  • Nawwww Rumple!!
  • He’s so in love with her! He just keeps making the wrong choices in his life
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying!!
  • I really want this to work. I love Rumbelle so much
  • Oh Regina!
  • Zelena, please leave your sister to grieve
  • Oh… I wanted a weird sitcom, not more angst
  • Who is out in the woods?
  • Mysterious hooded figures with torches. This probably isn’t good
  • Emma talk to Hook!
  • Is that Iago?
  • Who is this girl?
  • Visions of Emma’s future?
  • “Villains say whatever they can to hurt people. But what I choose to believe is faith”
  • Please work! Please work!
  • It’s not worked
  • No! Nonono but they’re so cute!
  • Morpheus?
  • Morpheus is their kid???
  • Oh this is going to go really badly in the long run
  • An Oracle? Who is this Oracle?
  • With Jafar’s staff?
  • Emma has seen her own death. This is… not a good thing
  • Hyde’s met other saviours?
  • Hyde’s an arse
  • Emma, lying isn’t going to help
  • Regina and Snow’s heart to heart is adorable
  • Awwww Regina!
  • No. No dramatic music!
  • The Evil Queen has come for Zelena. Crap