Since this is about as close to space I’m ever gonna get, let’s hop into season 2. We ended last season with a robot deathmatch and Will almost floating his little life away in space. Until BOOM his dad catches, and he was rescued by non-other than June or Dr. Zoe Smith. And of course don’t forget our favorite space smuggler, Don West.  After which, the alien motor on the ship comes to life, and just as the Robinson’s were to link up with the Resolute, they have warped away. Away is an oceanic planet with black sands and turns out this particular planet has methane for air. So, they are stuck on this planet with no fuel, did I forget to mention that part. Idk but they’re stranded. Now, they have to survive in Robinson’s fashion, under these new conditions. Dr. Smith is locked up and life goes on.

Now, it’s the holidays. They all try to make the best of the situation and exchange gifts, one of which is a book Penny wrote. So, you know now its too quiet and happy, so what happens? The protective barrier they have around their mini-farm sprang a leak, and of course, methane is not breathable, to plants either. They manage to successfully patch it up. I will say, that their choice of location for this “new planet” is gorgeous with its black sands. Next, we, are graced once again with June’s presence. And she is locked up and being escorted everywhere or is she. She sure is pointing out the obvious and she is great at creating scenarios to benefit her situation.

The family is waiting for Maureen to figure out a solution that will get them off the planet. However, they can’t generate enough solar power and the only active energy looks to be a lightning storm, that strikes like clockwork and it’s out to sea. The feel of the episode is one of self-reflection. Which has been a theme I would say. But there seems to still be tension between Maureen and John. It’s hard to understand who is the leader him or her. They are both powerhouses in their own rights but sometimes I feel as though she thinks she above him. But, do yall remember when I said it was too quiet, and the Robinson’s are disaster magnets. That good old protective barrier that has been pretty much secure for all these months, breaks down twice. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Fast forward, Maureen has decided to utilize the lightning to get them in the air, but first, they have to make the Jupiter buoyant. And, turn the spacecraft into a ship because they have to get to the lightning before they can use it. And the plan is to use the robot alien engine to get them where they need to go. If I recall correctly, the engine came on all by its lonesome. It’s a long shot but hey why not give it a chance.

Penny is starting to feel like an outsider and tired of her space adventures. She wants a “normal” life. Free from dangers and death. While Judy is embracing her new challenges and finally getting over being trapped in the ice in season 1. Will is still mourning the loss of his friend but they all see this as taking charge of their situation. They finally ship out with makeshift sails attached to their ship. But some of the passengers don’t have their sealegs. Penny gets some very helpful advice about seasickness and it works and the first seeds of trust are sown between Penny and Dr. Smith. But Penny just sees it as a dig from her mom. And even though it worked, all Penny could see was her mom being negative about the situation and frankly not listening to her. Penny ignores this and then once again Dr. Smith has more helpful information. But this time its a warning.

All of their plans grind to a halt until they figure out a way to launch themselves off the reef they crashed into. It starts to storm, of course, because we have to have 6 obstacles at once. Then there is a leak in the system that helps them to breathe and remember we are on a methane planet. So problem after problem until Maureen has no other choice but to get June’s help. But she doesn’t trust her and is skeptical of all her actions. Its all intense and teamwork and they continue onto where the lightning strikes. But everyone is safe. Now what to do about June. Long story short Dr. Smith has just talked her way out of her cell. She then goes on to tell Maureen that she hasn’t been as locked up as she thinks she has. And that she was the reason the barrier sprang a leak, cause she made the holes. She is a true master manipulator and she is always about 5 steps ahead of everyone. Always thinking, planning, and plotting. I am beginning to like her more and more, even though she’s the antagonist.

Wait, wait, wait, now the ship is speeding towards a waterfall. The place where the lightning strikes is a metal valley in the ocean. And the Jupiter is stuck on the cliff.  And Robot is alive!