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In the season premiere we open to Jack waking up from a nightmare. Gabby knocks him out with powder and tells him what he needs to remember. Alyssa and the Grand Magus are talking and Alyssa asks her about their response to the Knights of St. Christopher. The Grand Magus is unhappy with the questions so they move on to how the knights were able to shapeshift. One of the pelts jumps on Diego.

Jack is very, very different than he was last season. He tried out for cheer squad and made the first alternate. Gabby is not impressed. Randall seems happy to work out and play catch. Lilith is talking up a girl and seems less angry than before. Hamish seems to be dating someone. None of them seem to remember being a werewolf. All of a sudden, Jack hears a loud intense ringing, and all four start showing teeth.


Turns out, the people Jack, Randall, Lilith, and Hamish were with are all part of the Order. The Order is using the powder on all of them but it is losing effectiveness. Outside of Jack’s class, someone is taking video. They are videoing Jack and the ringing starts. All of a sudden, another student’s face shoots light out of their eyes, nose, and mouth and dies.

The Grand Magus is trying to figure out what happened. She also had to perform a memory wipe spell. While they are speaking, Alyssa asks what will happen to the Knights. The Grand Magus alludes to them dying. Alyssa finally gets the Grand Magus to invite the Knights to the Order. When they meet up at the appointed spot, they meet the person who tells them to find the coin, then they are werewolves.

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Jack, Lilith, Randall, and Hamish all wake up together covered in blood. The magic guy is found with a hole in his chest. As Vera, the Grand Magus, and Alyssa are talking about the situation, Kepler shows up and is the apparent survivor of a werewolf attack. Kepler wants the situation resolved. Preferably with the Knights (werewolves) dead. The Grand Magus and Alyssa are still hoping to keep them alive, each for their own reasons. Gabby and her crew had been sent off to find the Knights and found them at their own house from before. A scuffle ensues and after the Order is knocked out (turn about IS fair play), the Knights get out of dodge.

The Knight’s minds seem to be grasping the situation and starting to clear quickly. The person trying to change the Knights seems to be getting bolder and we get a glimpse of her. After Alyssa distracts the students in the area she is called to the carpet by the Grand Magus and Kepler. The werewolves inside the Knights seem to be pushing them to remember. They go into the forest so they can change safely. Alyssa is still trying to capture and save them.

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Was Alyssa able to find them? If so what did she do with them? For a season opener, I am not sure how I feel about this. Every time the action started building, it was kind of stunted. It did offer groundwork for an interesting season though. Unfortunately, the “season” is only ten episodes long. I don’t like how seasons can be made up of only 10 episodes nowadays. What do you guys and gals think? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…