We open to Jack and Gabriela. Jack is trying to get out of stuff with Gabriela and she isn’t happy, but when is she? In another area of campus, Hamish and Randall smooch it up. Lilith and Nichole are working on spells back at the Order. Then they also smooch.

The Knights come together to debreif and come up with a plan of attack. They are going to rob the Order’s vault. I have a bad feeling about this. Jack manages to steal the sigil needed to get into the vault. All of a sudden they are transported separately to a forest where they’re met with their greatest fears. They end up back at the bar swapping stories. The Knights go over what went wrong and figure out they need an amulet.

Source: Radio Times 

To get the amulet, Hamish serves the Grand Magus and Kepler a cocktail. While the women drink, he gets an eyeful of the amulet so they can get in. It goes wrong again. Back at class Jack and Gabriela watch a film with someone practicing magic. After irritating their teacher, Gabriela lets it slip she is on demon duty and that there is a demon coming. Which gives Jack an idea. Summon a demon to steal the vault. Randall is the one Knight that says no.

Source Radio Times

Back at the Order, Randall sulks and worries into a tall glass of milk. Alyssa finds him and they have a chat. Randall admits he is worried about his friends and Alyssa goes on high alert thinking Randall is a diversion. When he hears something about a demon and what is going on, he can’t get going fast enough. He is too late.

Do the Knights summon a demon? If so what do you think went wrong? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…