Brooklyn Nine Nine Gif-Cap “Cheddar”

What a difference a week makes–I’m happy to say that “Cheddar” was an outstanding episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Let’s celebrate with a gif-cap!

This week, Jake, Amy, and a (temporarily) blind Boyle house-sat for Captain Holt so he could go visit Kevin in Paris. Hijinks ensued.

When Holt almost cancelled his trip to Paris because no one could watch his dog Cheddar, Jake (surprisingly) offered up his and Amy’s services. The only problem is that anytime Jake has domestic related responsibilities, something goes wrong.


Pimento (whose remaining presence surprised me) and Rosa are hella attracted to each other. Their sexual innuendo around the precinct is funny to watch on screen, but very awkward in person, I’m sure.


Cut to Holt’s house, where things are already a disaster. Under Amy’s watch, Cheddar has already chewed through all of Kevin’s sweaters, and Boyle stood too close to a space heater and his pants caught on fire. Because, you know, when you’re blind you can’t feel when your pants are on fire. That’s plausible.


In the chaos, Cheddar breaks out. Holt, of course, got a call from his security company about the fire and calls back to Jake…who tries to convince him that everything’s fine.


Too late! Holt’s coming back home, and it’s up to the Nine Nine to catch the little speed demon (a Corgi at top speed is 10 mph…) before he gets home. You KNOW I love it when the whole gang bands together for something!


Luckily Gina’s on the case. But, she has to wreck Jake’s car in the process.


While hanging Cheddar posters, Adrian and Rosa’s sexual tension reached it’s peak…then took a sharp down turn.


Turns out, Adrian is sort of damaged from his 12 years in the mob and is a little worried about being in a relationship. It’s the first time I’ve related to him–not about the mob part. But the relationship part, because I’m awkward, too.

During the search–and in the knick of time!–Blind Boyle found Cheddar! Jk.



Gina’s running out of ways to distract Holt over here! Hurry up, guys!


With literally NO time left, Charles suggests the gang put on Holt’s clothes to attract Cheddar to his scent. Which is a cool idea, actually, and it gave us this great slow motion shot.


If B99 does anything well, it’s the slo-mo shot.

In the end, after a classic Holt-Peralta moment,


Jake (of course!) discovers that Cheddar is having some major Kevin withdrawals–so they find him in the park that Kevin takes him to. It turns out that Holt is feeling a little insecure about their relationship, which is why he kept coming up with excuses to stay home. Just like Jake and Amy, I was a little surprised to learn this. While we have learned a lot about Holt’s character this past season, he still doesn’t seem like he’d be one to feel insecure in a relationship. Good thing Jake was there to reassure him and encourage him to go ahead and see Kevin anyway. It’s always nice to get sincere thoughts from Jake–especially when they involve Holt (or Amy!)

What a great episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine! See you again next week with another gif-cap!



Author: Alex Clark

Hi there! I'm a professional fangirl and proud of it! Want to be my friend? Start talking to me about Game of Thrones. I am the Social Media Manager at The Game of Nerds and I write recaps for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane The Virgin, Stranger Things, iZombie, This Is Us, and Game of Thrones. Follow my personal Twitter: @Khalexsi

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