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In the season finale, we open to the guys at the Clam watching the news. Cleveland starts telling an old sports story from when he was a kid in Cuba. I guess he was a baseball prodigy. Of course, it didn’t all make sense. It really was all over the place but involved. Wait, he sounds like he is from Cleveland, how is he from Cuba?

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Next up is Quagmire. He was a tennis player. Apparently, he wanted to be a male, tennis cheerleader. Leave it to Quagmire to come up with something a weird as a tennis cheerleader. After that didn’t go over, he finally decided to play tennis instead. He played in the first U.S. Open, then called the U.S. Now Open. Even then he liked sex. He also caused 9/11.

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Next, is Peter, interrupting Jerome. Peter is a boxer from Philly and Italian. He was also a “knuckle-breaker” for a flash mob. Lois was a pet shop owner instead of being rich. You should have seen him get into his apartment. He is a horrible version of Rocky. At least Cleveland’s story made some sense. Peter’s made next to none. He is also, apparently dead and he was cremated.

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Joe even got in on it. He was in an aerobics video. We never did get to hear Jerome’s story. These were absolutely ridiculous stories. Totally on par with the show.

What did you think of this season? I think the episodes keep getting more ridiculous. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. Let me know if you agree in the comments below. Since this is the finale, I am putting the links to the previous show reviews up to 18 down below. Episode 19 is above. Until next week…

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