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We open to Lois coming home and deciding to got worked up about it and getting involved in politics.

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Later, at home, the neighborhood comes over and discuss who should be mayor. The librarian offers her services. Elle Hitler (no relation according to her) is the new mayor. Later at the clam, Peter vents his frustration to Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe. Peter doesn’t want Elle as mayor. He wants someone as cool as Mayor Adam West (yes, of Batman fame). He has a cousin, Wild West, that Peter is going to talk to.

When Peter finds Wild, he asks him to be the mayor. He refuses. As Lois is introducing Elle, Wild shows up and throws his name in the hat. Peter and Lois are at odds about who should be mayor. Lois supports Elle and Peter supports Wild. Wild is meeting the residents of Quahog and Wild makes a voice mail message for Meg to greet callers. It was a doozy.

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Peter and Lois go to see Wild at his place. While Peter plays with the mustaches, Lois and Wild converse as Wild makes Lois a sweater. I know Lois is attracted to him as well as impressed but I am unsure if she has changed sides. Though in bed with Peter, she calls out Wild’s mane. Twice. Peter definitely switched sides.

Who wins the vote? What do you think of Sam Elliot on Family Guy? Morgan Freeman was there too. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…