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We open to Stewie, Peter, and Lois go to Stewie’s preschool. The teacher is high on what she said is pot. I think it’s laced with something. The kids are up past their bedtime and Lois is excited because some parents think they are young parents and want to hang out. They exchange numbers and Lois is absolutely beside herself.

Lois gets a text to meet for drinks once she and Peter are in bed. Excited they meet them there. Lois gets giddy over their apartment. Like nut jobs, they rent the unit available in the building. Peter and Lois move out with Stewie and leave Chris and Meg to fend themselves.

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Lois and Peter are so excited to be accepted. They take Stewie to a playdate where he meets another kid. The kid explains how it works there. Stewie is totally surprised. Lois makes the rounds. She really needs to accept her age.

Chris tells Meg where Peter and Lois are. Meg wants to confront them. Chris decides to take her on a catamaran. To expose Lois and Peter, Meg and Chris they dress up and infiltrate. They are going to expose Peter and Lois. Stewie seems to be the least affected by this.

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Do the siblings expose the parents? I swear they have the most outrageous situations and far-fetched goings-on. This one was just, I don’t know. How do you figure your teenage high school students will be fine on their own? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next week…