I sure hope that this episode will show the end of Bratva now that Bratva is fully connected in the current time line with Arrow. One can hope, but before that we see that Oliver wants every member of his team to go and forget about the cause, as he refuses to tell anyone about what Chase did to him in captivity. John Diggle who has known him from the start isn’t going to take that answer and says they will not all sit around and do nothing, even though Oliver wants them do to exactly that.

At the court house the mind games continue as Chase wants Oliver to stab him, but Oliver says that as the Mayor he can’t stab the District Attorney. Oliver then breaks up with his reporter girlfriend, saying he should have known better than to have started something and things are spiraling fast for Oliver. He is up to something, as he always is though we can’t pinpoint that yet.

John Diggle and the rest of the team have been trying to track down Adrian Chase to gather information which comes into play later. During this attempt they discover that Bratva is in town, and they are running a drug game with the knowledge and support of Oliver Queen. Oliver hired his former Bratva brothers to track down and kill Adrian Chase in return they are able to steal drugs as payment. John Diggle confronts Oliver about it and he says that Adrian Chase showed Oliver who he really was, and that his crusade ends tonight and he demands that John Diggle and the rest of the team stand down and let Bratva do their job.

Curtis had a tracker on Chase from the earlier encounter and they got word that he was leaving City Hall. The team gears up knowing this is likely the time that Bratva is going to make their move on Chase and Diggle wants to stop them. Diggle insists that they will bring Adrian Chase to justice, but they will do it the right way and it’s about saving Oliver and his soul over just killing Chase outright. The team are able to get to Adrian Chases car and interrupt the Bratva attack. During the mayhem Chase ran off into a clearing and into Mr. Terrific, Chase was able to over power Mr. Terrific but not before he threw one of his tracker balls in the area that did a pass around Adrian that got a read on him. When he escaped we learned that his plan worked.

Unfortunately with the failed attack on Chase, he was placed into federal protection, Chase is impressed that Oliver tried something but now he will be impossible for the Bratva to get to. Oliver went to talk to Diggle and socked him in the jaw and saying he ruined the chance. Diggle says they need to do this the right way so Oliver decides he will go and ask the Bratva to stand down, however they refuse to stand down. Oliver knows he will have to be forced to fight and stop the Bratva.

Curtis took the information he gathered from his encounter with Chase and gave it to Felicity at HIVE after reading her laptop earlier. It had information that could help them against Chase but they find that it is encrypted and would take roughly thirteen months to hack. The HIVE member says they can just hack into the originators of the technology, Kord Industries to get the answers they need. So Felicity and Curtis break into Kord looking for the information they need. After breaking in and later subduing a guard Felicity and Curtis are able to find the information they need and Felicity brought a laptop with her to check it out and they do see that with the piece encrypted removed you can see clearly Chase’s face dressed as Promethius.  With this new found information the federal protection guarding Chase get word he should be arrested but Chase figured something was up and killed the two guards for his escape.

Before the tail end of this Oliver and the other members of the team suit up to stop the Bratva who are still intent on taking more medicine. Oliver wants to also prove that Diggle is right and Chase is wrong. Bratva has everyone hostage in the plant and tells Arrow that he has to save the pills or save the hostages. He tells the others to go save the hostages and he will handle the Bratva leader. Wild Dog, Spartan, Canary, and the help of Mr. Terrific’s tech are able to save the hostages as Arrow fights Bratva, and then sets off an alarm that forces everyone to flee for safety and fight another day without the pills. After getting back out in action and getting a better perspective on what is right and wrong, Oliver says he is ready to fight again with his team!