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We open to the guys at the Clam watching Westeros. Peter is dissatisfied with the Home renovations shows. Cleveland wants to make their own show which the rest of them are on board with.

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The guys decide on calling the show Kitchen House and they are the Kitchen Boys. Can you hear my eyes rolling? Lois is jealous because she would have done that with Peter. They put kitchens in every room. In his own place, Peter puts in five front doors. Well, he demolishes part of the wall to put in a front door then leaves it to a professional to fix. Through the hole, waltzes in a cat. Brian is less than thrilled. The Griffins decide to keep her.

Quagmire comes over to assess if the Griffin family is suitable for cat adoption. Something Quagmire takes seriously. I am surprised Brian doesn’t do anything to hold up the process. Hmmm. Does he have something else in store? They are approved and Meg is thrilled. She named her (or him?) Pouncey. Creative Meg. Really creative.

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At the school, Meg takes part in the Talent Show with Pouncey helping out. Then Pouncey lays on Stewie and he wakes to a butt hole in his face. Brian is scared of Pouncey. Pouncey can talk much to mine and Brian’s surprise. She tells us of her diabolical plan for the Griffins. They end up on YouTube. When Brian tries to warn them, they of course don’t listen.

What is Pouncey’s plan? Does Brian save the day? You know, I spend a lot of time watching Family Guy with my eyes rolling and my face in my hands. It isn’t a bad thing, just they are so ludicrous that it is impossible not to do those things. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…