Fear the Walking Dead sort of tried to move the story along before the end of the season. It was nice to see new people and the talk of new locations but at least for this week it fell a little flat.

Althea and Morgan are still on the road and running low on gas, just enough to have a day of travel. But one of the gas cans are missing from the truck. The pair are able to track down the person who stole the gas when some horses are coming up over the horizon and the guy is freaking out. The trio hide in a van, the four people on horseback are looking around but get faked out and moved on.

The person they found is Tom, he talks about where he stayed, at a place called Paradise Ridge, how the group came along and offered to help fix the place, clean the water supply, fix the walls, get the garden back up and running again. But at some point things changed and the group said that he wasn’t apart of their plans going forward. He had to leave but his sister is still inside.

Morgan and Al offer to go inside to find Tom’s sister, but they have different reasons for that, Al wants to find more about the person she met earlier, while Morgan does want to help people. Inside they notice the tanker from the oil fields are there and it changes Morgan’s plans.

Al is looking for information and finds a map with keys on it at different spots. One of the places is called Super Lanes for instance to show the different locations. Meanwhile Morgan finds a walker in the room of where Tom’s sister was supposed to be, when Al is leaving that same walker scares her into the pool. Morgan goes to save and alarms everyone in the area.


Virginia is the talking head of this group. For better or worse. Photo Credit: Van Redin/The Walking Dead

Virginia talks, nicely, to Al and Morgan and is surprised of their video plan to get people to help, she respects their ways but thinks her way is better. Morgan disagrees with their methods, Virginia’s group fixes Morgan’s stick but refuses to join their cause.

Meanwhile the other story is Grace and Daniel are out getting supplies, Grace is notified that they lost the oil fields and are going to head back to the convoy. Sadly they overloaded the truck and it broke down so they had to head back on foot. Daniel had some records he wanted to play for Charlie and they were lost as tons of walkers came upon them.

Easter egg if you see the records laid out on the ground you will see a country type record and if you look close enough it looks like Beta who is on the Walker Dead. Was Beta’s previous life as a singer? In the comics it was a athlete so it would be a nice little change.

The two have to stop and rest at a bar, after talking about Morgan and Charlie the two try to play a song they can play for Charlie. It went really well, but Grace gets sick again, Morgan from all of his adventures decides it’s time to talk to Grace and it might be to late.