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We open to the principal telling Meg’s class about the theme for the dance. It’s climate change and he is turning the heat to 92 and filling the gym with water. Afterward Meg and some girls talk going to the dance. Meg decides not to go. The janitor drowns himself in his mop bucket. Feet first.

At the clam, Joe, Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland are talking about what bar to frequentand get drawn in a horrible magic trick. Meg and Bruce decide to eat food and edibles since Meg isn’t going to the dance. Peter is wearing the magician’s vest and tries several jobs and goes to a Cherry Poppin’ Daddy’s concert. He gets his arms ripped off.

He wakes up to being without arms. Apparently they will grpw back. Meg and Bruce. Both feel out of place in the world. Meg is falling in love with Bruce and now they are boyfriend and Girlfriend. The family is confused. It is their understanding that Bruce is gay.

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Peter’s arms really are growing back. Peter goes swimming with baby arms on a grown man’s body. Lois talks to Meg about Bruce. Lois tells Meg that Bruce is gay. Meg is shocked. I don’t know how, but she is. Meg takes it out on Lois.

Meg is really taking this relationship seriously. Bruce’s parents are excited Meg. Bruce proposes to Meg and she accepts. Meg is excited. Peter and Lois go with Meg to meet Bruce’s parents. Lois tries to support Meg’s choice.

Do Meg and Bruce go through with it? What do you think about Meg marrying Bruce? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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