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We open to the guys at the Clam. They are talking fashion. Then it moves to Peter complaining about Meg wanting to go to college. At home, Brian is feuding with a squirrel. He ends up throwing up after chasing it.

Peter is trying to help Meg get into a good college. He wants to fudge the application. Meg reading sounds like she is trying to be Lois. She was trying to sound like Big Bird. There are times I wish emojis were professional. It is a letter of recommendation from Big Bird. Yes. Big Bird. Peter needs psychiatry, I swear.

At the school, Lois and Peter are trying some more to help Meg get into college. Not just a college but a good college. They want to get Meg through college so she can fund their retirement. Principal Shepard is an idiot and will probably be as much help as Peter. Principal Shepard is helping them fudge her application. Brian goes to see Stewie’s trainer so he can get in shape to beat the squirrel. The trainer is actually Stewie. Stewie is utterly ridiculous.

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Everyone is sitting in the living room when a male quartet sings “Mail Time”. Oh jeez, Peter sings back. Meg gets an acceptance letter to Brown University. Lois, Peter, and Chris go to drop Meg off at the university. Lois wants her to eventually move on from the family. Peter on the other hand is marveling over the dormitory. Then Peter decides to stay.

Stewie turns Meg’s room into a gym. Brian meets Stewie there to work out. Stewie ends up breaking Brian’s arm through negligence and wants to sell him supplements. I swear I am going to start using emojis. Meg gets invited to a party and Peter throws a football at her. Meg is having a great time at college, despite Peter. Brian gets another trainer. Stewie’s arch-nemesis, Doug. Meg finally has enough of Peter. Peter lets out that he and Lois got her into the college which gets Meg suspended. Now she has to prove she isn’t a fraud. Thanks, Peter and Lois.

Can Meg prove she isn’t a fraud? Does Brian get the squirrel? Why are Lois and Peter insane? Let me know you’re thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…

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