Missing Supernatural?? I might have some ideas to tide you over for the hiatus!!

I hate working out. Truly. I miss the days of eating whatever I wanted and not gaining weight. Since those days are lonnnnnng behind me and I am trying to get healthier, (it’s still baby weight when they’re in preschool, right?) I had to think of a way to motivate myself to work out.  Enter Supernatural, a show I watch pretty much all the time. At first, I tried to watch while on the elliptical, but that just… well it went nowhere (har har). Then, a personal trainer friend of mine and I put together a workout game.  It’s like a drinking game for the show, except it’s exercise.


My absolute FAVORITE thing about this workout is that it means I can watch three episodes a day and my husband can’t even get annoyed because I’m working out and it’s not costing us any money.  The other great part is that I lost 30lbs doing this. I started at the pilot episode and believe me, it’s a workout. I know there are a lot of items on here, but as the seasons go on some items fall off the list and others don’t matter until later (anything to do with Cas, obviously).

Now, two things I did that aren’t on here: 1-) I never sat down while watching. Unless it was for the exercise, I was walking in place the whole time. 2-) I ran in place as fast as I could during “The Road So Far.” It’s a good way to get your heart rate up, especially in the beginning.

You don’t need to buy anything for this workout; you can use detergent bottles as weights. I bought a resistance band and it has been all I needed. You can get them from Target for like $19.  Go in order for best results, and you’re going to want the build-up for when you get to “Mystery Spot” because…. HOLY FUCK!

Have you ever done a tv workout game? There are a LOT of these out there, but this is the one I made with a personal trainer to make sure there was a good variety, and it’s what works for me.  Let me know if you decide to try this or any Supernatural Workout!