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We open to everyone eating burritos watching TV until Chris walks in with a sneeze and Meg has mutant powers. Peter goes to the store to get cold medicine. There is absolutely no one at the store so he drives through and fills the car. He goes and does a bunch of sports stuff too.

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The whole Griffin family is in the hospital for the flu. Except for Peter. The doctor asks Peter to be a nurse because of his bloodwork. Peter is excited that he gets to wear green pajamas all day. Brian gets a genetic makeup test done. He is 1% cat.

Peter is ready for his first day of nursing. He faints at the sight of ketchup because it looks like blood. His first stop is to observe surgery. He sees Quagmire in the ER next and texts everyone what is going on. Then he saves someone with the song “Everybody Dance Now”. Brian is really taking this who cat thing to heart. Peter’s archenemy the Giant Chicken is dying because of the bird flu.

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The Giant Chicken is happy to be dying. His life went to hell. Peter wins and he is celebrating at home after work. Lois says Peter should help him. She says Peter needs the Giant Chicken. Peter doesn’t want to believe it.

Does Peter help the Giant Chicken? Does he make it as a nurse? Does Brian snap out of it? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Until next week…