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We open to Lois, Brian, and the kids going to a shoe store. Brian meets Holly at the shoe store. The shoe store job is great for Holly. She isn’t very bright. Just Brian’s type. They are going out on Friday.

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Joe is out front washing his new vintage convertible. He might even convert his garage into a 1950s diner. The date went well for Brian and Holly. The guys ask Joe to take them for a spin in his new car. Joe has them jump in and wants them to imagine the drive. He isn’t allowed to drive it. Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland decide to steal the car.

Brian has a big date with Holly. When he goes to pick her up he meets her son, Kyle. When she leaves to finish getting ready, Brian makes him cry. Brian rushes Holly out of the house. Back with Peter and the guys, they steal Joe’s vintage car. The next day, boys come over to bully Kyle. In standing up for Kyle, he attacks one of the four boys. Herbert the Pervert calls animal control.

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While the guys are out with the wind in their hair, Peter hits some trash cans and messes up Joe’s convertible. Also, he killed Oscar the Grouch. Lois and Peter have Holly and Kyle over for dinner. It’s a very awkward time.

What happens at dinner? Does Joe freak out about the convertible? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next week…

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