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We open to Stewie walking into his room after preschool and putting down his hat and coat. He tells Rupert about his exciting news. After getting Busy B for two weeks in a row, he is going for three weeks in a row.

While telling Rupert about his day, Stewie talks about how much Rupert means to him. Later, Stewie is up in the attic looking through photos because he wants to make a collage for Rupert. Stewie sees a picture of Chris and Rupert. Brian informs Stewie that Rupert was Chris’s before and Rupert was Peter’s even before Chris. Rupert even had a different name when he was with Chris. He was Skippy. Stewie is broken-hearted.

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After some time to ponder, Stewie confronts Rupert. Then have a short, one-sided, heart to heart. In bed, Stewie suggests that Rupert may want to go to Chris’s bed. They have a one-sided argument followed by Stewie going to bed and Rupert doing likewise I suppose. Stewie cries.

After losing Busy B to Fredrick, Stewie comes home and breaks up with Rupert. Going so far as to give Skippy back to Chris. Stewie does the breakup thing where you pretend you don’t care and have moved on. Truthfully, Stewie is frayed. He decides to take a spiritual journey around the world. It boggles the mind how Lois and Peter would allow that.

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Does Stewie get over Rupert in his travels? How does Chris react to all this? Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments below. Till next week…