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We open to Bilquis having coffee with a dead woman. The woman, Eugenia, was there when Shadow was born. As Bilquis tries to open the fridge for her, Eugenia implores Bilquis to find Shadow’s other half and save him. It looks like it’s Laura. What? Why? She is in love with Sweeney and was horrible to Shadow. Coming back to herself at her place, Bilquis is given a sign on where to look for Shadow’s other half. Mr. Ibis is explaining the importance of the Center of America Motel. It is soulless void of spiritual energy if you ask Mr. Ibis.

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Shadow and Mr. Ibis arrive with Huginn and Muninn. Cordelia hugs Shadow to comfort him as well as herself. Cordelia tells Shadow that it was Laura who killed Mr. Wednesday. Laura is already at the motel. She is there for her protection. At least that is what Mr. World says. After Mr. World leaves, Laura finds out she is locked in. Mr. World has to prepare to give Wednesday back at midnight.

Shadow wants to sit vigil for his father. Mr. Ibis explains what that entails. He also says that it is a death sentence to mortals. I am not really sure what that means for Shadow. Is he mortal? What we know of mythology says that he is at minimum a demigod which gives him better durability, strength, as well as other heightened attributes. I mean look at Hercules or Camp Half-Blood. If what I suspect is true, and he is the child of Odin and an Orisha, it is possible he is a god in his own right.

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Bilquis follows the trail left before her. She is by where he was living in Lakeside. Bilquis comes upon a peacock, though I don’t know what that means. Mr. Ibis starts a page in his huge book for Shadow Moon. Czernobog is getting laid. I know. I was surprised too. Laura sneaks out (not surprising), and Shadow is enveloped in a vision. He is standing between his father and what looks like the people of the Orishas. They are pleading for his help. He chooses his father.

Laura drops into the room Mr. Wednesday is laying dead in. Right on her heels is Shadow. He is coming to find his father. Laura hides, under Wednesday I might add, and listens in as Shadow talks to Cordelia and then Mr. World and his cohorts come in. Mr. World serves Laura up on a serving platter not knowing she is at his feet. Mr. World points out that Shadow must kill Laura in accordance with Norse tradition. Czernobog tries to end Mr. World and doesn’t get very far. Laura tries to talk to Shadow and they aren’t getting very far. He walks away leaving her alive. Czernobog doesn’t approve. Shadow chooses to sit vigil for his father Odin.

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Laura falls asleep on the bed at the Godless hotel. She wakes up in a dream. She is with Bilquis. When she returns to the waking world, Bilquis stands outside her door. Mr. Ibis, Czernobog, Cordelia, Shadow, and Wednesday make it to Yggdrasil and are met by the Norns. Shadow ritually cleansed and cleaned, anointed and dressed. Let me tell you, he has a fantastic butt. Tech Boy still isn’t ok. He is eating raw data looking for Artifact 1. I am beginning to think Czernobog’s bark is worse than his bite. The vigil that Shadow is doing might kill him. Czernobog, Ibis, Cordelia, and Laura have all asked him not, but he is focused on being more. Being better.

Why, oh why, does Bilquis want Laura. I don’t want Laura to be the other half of Shadow. Does Tech Boy find Artifact 1? Most importantly, does Shadow survive the vigil? How do you feel about the cancellation? I’m pissed. Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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