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If American Gods follow suit of it’s preceding seasons, there are only three more episodes to expect. It makes me want to cry. I love this show.

We open to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. We see all kinds of wonders. There is even see a magician doing his show. A boy ruins the show because he has already seen it. Everyone walks out. Then we see Tech Boy when he was a human. He is showing off an automated writer. Everyone is astounded until they want him to write something else and can’t. The magician sees this and gives him some advice only to later crush him.

Bilquis, to everyone on the outside, looks to be standing and catatonic. In her head, she is speaking to the Orishas. Tech Boy and Shadow are outside the facility where Bilquis is being held. Men are preparing to torture her for information about Sanders. Even if she were cognitively able to talk, how do you explain that your kitty ate him during sex? The Orishas are guiding her back to her power. She has power over Earth and water. She is in a cage of cement and they are wanting to use water for torture. Bilquis saves herself as Shadow and Tech Boy are preparing to fight their way in. Tech Boy runs when he sees her power. Shadow is in the appropriate amount of awe.

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Wednesday is getting chlorpromazine, one of the fun drugs to keep you calm. Demeter is looking in on him. Are they truly married? Shadow is having dinner with Bilquis. She suggests fries with the journey to spiritual awakening. Is Shadow falling for his landlord? It seems so. He calls her after dinner. Seems like she is falling for him too. Later, Demeter is trying to get to why Wednesday is there. She thinks it’s for her money. They make a wager. Wednesday can’t last a week in the psych hospital. If he does, she will give him the chance to sway her. He is still desperate to get her out of there. Shadow is going to go see his father.

Salim is with Mr. Ibis trying to get him to go in on a business venture with him. Mr. Ibis just wants his peace. Laura shows up carrying Sweeney and the coin. Is anyone else wondering why she hasn’t put the coin in Sweeney’s ashes? You would think that would be the first thing she did. Wednesday gives Shadow the low down on what is going on. Wednesday convinces Shadow to help him with 37 by telling Shadow Demeter was his wife then introduces the two.

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Mr. Ibis checks Laura’s vitals and muses how she came back to life. Laura doesn’t seem to care how, she just wants to kill Wednesday. Cordelia is worried about Wednesday. Shadow puts her fears to rest and they get started on putting plan 37 into action. Laura invites Salim to go on the mission with her. She tells him that he needs to move on from the Jinn. Mr. Ibis gives them the keys to his car. He just wants them gone. He even points them in a direction. Shadow and Cordelia put the plan into action.

Does the plan work? Is Demeter her own woman? Does Demeter decide to go with Wednesday? Does Salim go with Laura? How is he doing with all the stuff with the Gods and this war? I still don’t have the answer to if Bilquis is Shadow’s mother? Did Bilquis “unfuck” Tech Boy? Is Sweeney coming back? Please? So many questions and not enough answers. What are your questions at this point? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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