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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×2 of Krypton, “Ghost in the Fire.”***

At the start, two saggitari driving skimmers are searching the outlands for Doomsday. Luckily and unluckily, they found him, as he destroys the ships.

Oh great..we found Doomsday. (Courtesy of SyFy)

Val el, Jax-Ur and Nyssa make their way up to Wegthor, where they meet up with the rebellion. Nyssa tells them that General Zod has her baby and about her meeting with her father.

Meanwhile, Lyta is still having “thoughts,” of Seg. General Zod walks in and Lyta tells him she’s worried of all the casualties on Wegthor, she believes they need better training (from her of course). General zod tells her that he needs her here instead and not on Wegthor.

Back on Colu (where we left off last time), Seg and Adam are tied up by Lobo. Lobo messes with Adam as he’s sleeping and throws his zeta-beam in the river. Lobo, ever the eccentric, doesn’t believe that those 2 don’t know who he is. Lobo, who goes from flirting with Adam one second to threatening to bash their brains the next, is looking for Braniac. Seg tells Lobo he can take him to the body, but Lobo doesn’t believe he killed him.

Don’t make the Main Man angry (Courtesy of SyFy)

Lobo goes on by telling Seg and Adam about why he’s looking for Braniac. Basically, Braniac bottled up Lobo’s own planet, Czarnia, even know they were all dead. Seg mentions getting back to Krypton which Lobo calls “Crap-Town.” Seg knows the exact distance from Colu to Krypton which freaks him out.

Jayna Zod and her brother are in the outlands. Jayna never believed that people could survive in the outlands, but now she believes that people’s physiology can adapt. She has a moment of clarity and is tired of the Zod’s being killers.

Lyta is brutally training Saggitari when she sees a man who she thinks is Seg at first. Lyta tells him to come down and fight. She hits him before he can decide if the fight is hand to hand or with a weapon, she tells him never to hesitate. During the fight, she loses focus again and sees Seg which gives the guy a shot, but eventually she puts him in an arm lock and he calls mercy.

Lobo uses his scanner and finds that Braniac is still on Krypton. Because they didn’t keep up their bargain, Lobo decides to gut them, as he throws his chain and hook at Seg, Seg uses telekinesis and blocks the attack. Lobo tells us that Braniac is in him now.

Lobo and Seg have a stand off. After Seg blocks him from blasting him, he and Adam have a moment where Seg talks to him telepathically. For a second, Segs eyes become black as Braniac starts to come out. Lobo gets the upper hand but before Lobo can kill Seg, Adam blasts a hole through Lobo, as Lobo juice gets all in Segs mouth. Lobo can heal so they jet.

Seg and “the scourge of the cosmos go at it.” (Courtesy of SyFy)

After the training, Lyta talks to the man (Lo-Ren), who is from the rankless district, also like Seg. He grabs her hand and tries to kiss her and she has a strong reaction saying he wouldn’t do that before beating him to death. Later we find out Lo-Ren is not dead, he’s alright (he has a broken jaw) and Lyta opens up to General Zod about what happened and about Seg. To fill the void, General Zod believes he has the perfect thing to help her, Seg’s baby Kor-Vex. Zod also does some manipulating here saying things like you must get rid of the past for the future.

Jayna Zod leaves her brother (who actually isn’t there) and is a figment of her imagination and heads to a cantina where she is being bothered by a man who thinks she’s Jayna Zod. Jayna knocks the man out like a boss and everyone looks away. Later, some Saggitari storm the place looking for Jayna. Jayna takes out a few of them before her old friend Dev comes in and helps her.

Nyssa, is working as a spy to get her baby back and finally gets the chance to check in with Zod, who wants the codex.

Adam finds the zeta-beam and they’re ready to take off but Seg tells him that they can’t go because Braniac has to end here. Seg tells him that it’s bigger than him and if push comes to shove he needs to kill him.


Krypton is finally hitting its story-telling stride and “Ghost in the Fire,” is an example of what Krypton will look like when it’s at its best. While it offered a ton of potential early on in its first season, let’s be honest, it had some rough edges and took its time, but the pay off now was pretty big.

It’s easy to start off talking about Lobo, but it’s not just Lobo who’s material was elevated, it’s Adam and Segs. The two here are much more in sync and have a better understanding of each other and yes the humor helps out a lot, which there hasn’t been a lot of during Kryptons short run so far.

The parallels of the Zods (Jayna and Lyta) are pretty evident here as we get one who is angry and using it to hurt unsuspecting people and the other who is finding her self and in her older age and is trying to rid herself of her Zod name.

I was nervous about Krypton being Lobo’s first live action appearance but I have to say, they kind of killed it with this one. Suffice to say SyFy is now looking to spin-off Lobo with his own show (according to variety)

I was hoping for some more Doomsday, as the episode started out with the sequence of him at the beginning. Hopefully with the Lobo conflict coming to a halt sometime soon, we’ll finally be able to get a more Doomsday centric episode.

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