As a lovely recap of last season, I was treated to a montage of farts. Not only from the Fartbook episode, but the entire season. Wayne, Katy, Squirrelly Dan and Daryl then proceed to decide to do an AG calling cable access television show. Of course because there is anything electronic going on in town Stewart and Roald barge into the studio and cause a ruckus. Glenn is in the studio running camera and other positions. Glen is surprisingly multi talented. Glen is definitely a character. McMurray gets a bug up his butt because Wayne says he calls him a lot so he also starts an AG show. McMurray’s show did not very smoothly at all. Wayne’s went smoother but definitely not the problems McMurray had.

Wayne and the guys get a bit better but talk a bunch a crap on the show. It was certainly interesting when all three guys start yelling at the next caller who is the person they were talking down about on the previous call. Stewart and Roald were back causing a scene. They guys get a call about soccer/football. They all come up with a warning system. They try putting it into action around town to see how it works. Gotta say Leg Day Bae and Gay Leg Day Bae presentations were fun to watch. Well MoDean’s 3 is actually still there.

Well Johnson is prominent in this episode. Apparently Squirrelly Dan watched a porn that blew his mind. Literally and figuratively. So there is an impromptu porno watching party at MoDean’s 3. It’s very interesting to say the least. On the otherside of Letterkenny, Bonnie McMurray is meh because her little brother left for hockey and is hanging out at the gym. Reilly and Jonesy, Dax and Ron, Joint Boy and Tyson and Bonnie have a weird conversation about cheese. Squirrelly Dan feels better about his porn viewing.

Apparently, Katy and the boys have a nice long discussion about reboots and the pros and cons thereof. So Katy and Wayne have a yearly fund raising contest. The fundraiser is for the animals and this year’s theme is Letterkenny VS Pennies. Katy is being a bit shiesty. Wayne is being a touch fake. Of course Glen has to make it awkward.

Crack An Ag, Wayne’s show, is still a thing. Apparently McMurray has a mind blowing emergency. He has been measuring his penis wrong. Tanis is trying to buy the hockey team. She isn’t able to buy the Eagals so she put the Letterkenny Irish back together. Rosie is back. Well, almost. To see if Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne are going to coach the Irish, there is a game between the Irish and the Shamrockettes. Tanis gets what she wants.

I think, the show is about to be done. Crack An Ag that is. Daryl wants Anik back. Everyone tells him he shouldn’t try to get her back because she stepped out on him. Daryl wants back up because he knows he gonna get his ass kicked. So the Letterkenny Irish are playing the Native Eagles. Shit talking is at an all time high. It’s funny because the Eagles for some reason can’t fight. Wayne and Dan are shamed into going to save Daryl in Quebec. Oh shit!