To catch you up or if you missed my review on the season finale of American Gods, you can find it here.

We open to a ballet scene on stage. All of a sudden the music drastically changes and the ballerinas are bloody. A rocker demands tribute to Odin and Mr. Wednesday appears in his regalia. The rocker offers him a sword as the crowd cheers ODIN!! ODIN!!

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Shadow looks very, very different. Gone is the clean-shaven Shadow. He has hair on his head and face. My husband didn’t recognize him. He appears to have settled into a new life. However, trouble seems to be on the horizon. Shadow was supposed to go to Lakeside Wisconsin. He didn’t go there. He didn’t want to do what Mr. Wednesday wanted him to.

Laura, on the other hand, is trying to resurrect Sweeney who was killed by Shadow if you remember. When suggests that Laura wants him resurrected for love, Laura denies it. She says she only needs him to retrieve something from his horde for revenge. I still think she is in love with him. When she gets him, she writes a message on his forehead and tries to give him his coin back.

I was right about Shadow’s situation. Mr. Wednesday uses a little old lady. Shadow tells him to piss off. Once he gets close to his place, he sees men in suits going to his apartment. He doesn’t approach his place. Mr. World turns in Ms. World. She takes out one of her “workers” for not staying on top of Odin showing up at the rock show. Ms. World is pissed at Tech Boy. He hasn’t delivered lately. She wants Bilquis. Tech Boy tries to get Ms. World to see things his way. I have a feeling he is up to something. Ms. World wants the Old Gods gone forever. She has technology that will make every human her slave and she wants to use it but knows the Old Gods will interfere.

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Of course, Mr. Wednesday doesn’t listen to Shadow and walks up to him in a diner. During their talk, Mr. Wednesday tells Shadow that he is trying to save mankind. Mr. Wednesday implores Shadow to stand with him. He tells Shadow that he needs him. Shadow finally agrees to go with Mr. Wednesday. He really doesn’t have much choice. Mr. World has a plan to take Mr. Wednesday off the board and he and Shadow are driving right into it.

They are on the way to see one of Mr. Wednesday’s acquaintances, Whiskey Jack. Mr. Wednesday wants to try to get him to join his cause. Fortunately for himself, Wednesday isn’t holding his breath. Mr. Wednesday pissed Whiskey Jack off a couple of hundred years ago. As they are driving to the ambush, Mr. Wednesday opens a door that Shadow drives through. They end up on the shores that Odin brought Shadow to before.

Tech Boy goes to see Bilquis trying and deliver her to Ms. World. Bilquis states she plans to maintain neutrality. She wants no part of the war. She has experienced it before and has no taste for it. Since Tech Boy pushes, she gives him a taste of war. He experiences fear and death. He doesn’t much like it and it leaves him terrified.

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Wednesday and Shadow make it to Whiskey Jack, well Shadow does anyway. He and Jack talk and Jack tells Shadow that he has a destiny and to follow it. He can’t tell him how to find that path, just to follow it. After they make it back to Betty, Odin and Cordelia drop Shadow at a bus station. Mr. Wednesday tried to get Shadow to go to Lakeside, Wisconsin again. Telling him there is a place set up for him with six months of rent paid.

So, does Shadow finally do what he is asked? Or does he try to make his own way? If he does there, what does he find? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Until next week…