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We open to the Grand Peacock Inn. A gal is working there. An Asian man comes barging in with sirens not far behind. She gives him a key and tells him to get to safety. The police want him because he was trying to hook up with a guy. The gal at the desk reminds Jimmy of homecoming. The gal’s name is Tony because she was born a guy. Jimmy doesn’t want to be outed.

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The man is Tu’er Shen. He is the Chinese Rabbit God of Homosexual Love. TU’er arrived in America over one hundred years ago. He blesses Tony and the Grand Peacock Inn. Tony doesn’t believe Tu’er Shen is a God until he leaves. Years later the Grand Peacock Inn is still standing and looking beautiful. So is Tony. She hasn’t aged a day. There seems to be a jamboree going on when Laura and Salim arrive.

Salim sees a very handsome man and the man looks back seemingly smitten. Salim runs away. When Tyr and Shadow stop for gas Tyr drugs Shadow and tears a man’s throat out. Salim misses the Jinn desperately. Laura finds the leprechaun, Doyle, at the bar. Wednesday tried to hire him to kill Laura. Laura tries to convince him to go to Sweeney’s horde but he says no. Tech Boy is demanding Bilquis. He gets locked up by Ms. World instead.

Laura brings Sweeney’s coin to convince him to go to the horde. He agrees but wants the coin as payment. Laura walks away. The handsome man comes to fix the bed in Laura and Salim’s bed. He invites Salim to the party downstairs later. Laura bursts in and tells Salim what went down with Doyle. They both discuss moving on.

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Tech Boy is in a straight jacket in his prison. He is completely helpless. Laura decides to give Doyle the coin. He agrees to go into Sweeney’s horde and get the spear and vanishes. Try brought Shadow to what looks like a museum display. He is going to do a blood eagle on Shadow. Tyr tells of how he lost his hand. Bilquis shows up in Tech Boy’s mind but very different than how she is normally is. She is a manifestation of his own head. She keeps pointing out what he already knows but refuses to look at it. “Bilquis” helps him unlock a few things.

Salim walks down to the party but is having a hard time walking in. Tony talks to him about acceptance of who he is and safety. Salim escort Tony into the party. Once in he finds his man. Not the Jinn but the handsome man from earlier. Salim is in absolute aww and is able to be who he is and bask in acceptance and love. Both spiritual and physical.

Wednesday shows up to answer Tyr’s call finally. Tyr asks for Odin’s submission in exchange for Shadow’s life. Odin (Wednesday) agrees only to bring them to maybe Asgard. We see Wednesday’s true form as Odin.

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Does Tyr kill Odin, ruler of the Asir? Does Doyle screw Laura? Can Salim find happiness? I have so many questions? Is this really the last episode in the season? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next week…