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We open to the Danes killing the Native Americans. A storm is coming and one slits a child’s throat asking the Danish Gods for protection bringing them to these shores.

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We pick up right where we left off last week. Shadow has a gun to his back. He is let into his apartment but the property manager is quite mean. She was the one holding the shotgun. Bliquis on the other hand is with a man that she ends up showing him just who she is. She is certainly a man-eater though she does get sick after it and I am unsure of why. More to be revealed?

Shadow receives an invitation to a celebration of life for Zorya Vecherhyaya, the Evening Star that was shot down in the first season. He must get to Chicago by tonight and he has to bring the coin given to him. Given that he has no clothes and no car he has to walk to get a winter jacket and rent a car. Ann-Marie picks him up and brings him to town and tells him all about Lakeside. He does get proper outerwear though. He buys a clunker ticket though, for March 23rd, 7-8 pm.

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At the dentist’s office, Mr. Wednesday asks Tyr for a donation to the war fund. He also swipes Tyr’s postcard from Demeter. Tyr the Warlord is a freaking dentist. Who would have thunk it? Mike finally gets a lead on a vehicle to take to Chicago. Unfortunately, his property manager is who has the car for “rent”. She eventually caves and lets him use it.

Salim is looking for the Jinn. He’s wearing the same sweater that he always wears. The Jinn left Salim a note telling him not to look for him. He goes to Mr. Ibis, aka Thoth, looking for him. Unfortunately, Mr. Ibis knows nothing. Mr. Ibis is willing though to bring Salim with him to Zorya Vecherhyaya’s memorial to look for him.

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Literally, everyone was invited to the memorial except Mr. Wednesday. He shows up right behind Shadow. After paying his respects to a very angry Czernobog, he goes up to the roof with Zorya Polunochnaya to speak with her. Czernobog still wants to put his hammer through Shadow’s skull. Zorya gives Shadow a way to seek answers.

Does Mr. Wednesday gain followers for his war? Does Salim find his answers? Does Shadow keep his head? What do you think of the season so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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