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We open to a man making a map and a man talking about some of the ways the Orisha Gods came to this country. We see slaves working in the cotton field and singing. The Goddesses that answer their people are beautiful and infuse the slaves with strength. Are one of these women Shadow’s true mother? They are connected to him somehow. I just know it.

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Shadow sees the aftermath of Bilquis’s struggle and abduction. Tech Boy is there and very unwell since his last encounter with Bilquis. He is able to tell Shadow who was at Bilquis’s place and even show Shadow the attack. Tech Boy wants to help Shadow find Bilquis so she can in his words “unfuck me”. To press his point, Tech Boy absorbs Sanders’s phone and broadcasts one of Sanders’s voicemail. He gets his way.

Bilquis is in a concrete room with nothing. No chair, no table, no toilet, nothing. Laura is in purgatory trying to figure out what is going on and how to get out of there. She asks about Sweeney but the gal she is talking to hasn’t seen him. Wednesday is up to something and Cordelia needs the lawyer’s computer. He really wants Demeter out of the insane asylum even though she has already told him no. Someone finds Sweeney’s body and sends him to be cremated while Shadow and Tech Boy capture someone in Sanders’s security. Cordelia gets disposable cell phones and Wednesday shows her how to contact Shadow with a twenty-one digit number. Shadow tells Wednesday to get lost but they find out where Bilquis is being held.

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Ms. World is concerned with Sanders’s disappearance. Sanders plays a major part in her plans. She is even less happy when she finds that Bilquis is being held in regards to Sanders’s disappearance. Ms. World turns back into Mr. World and goes to see Bilquis. The spot where Sweeney and Laura’s bodies were. The bottle to bring Laura back was broken and Sweeney’s blood mixed in on Laura’s ashes and BAM! Laura is alive again and scares the bejeezus out of the man cleaning up. If you remember, Laura needs two drops infused with love for her to complete the potion. What does this mean? Will we see Sweeney again too?

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Wednesday is still trying to come up with ways to screw the lawyer. He is at the same bar as Johann and he is causing a ruckus. They ask Wednesday to reel him in. Johann is needed by Wednesday. He helps raise worship for him. I think Johann is Braggi. Mr. World disguises himself to get in to see Bilquis. Once in, he drops the mask and tries to get Bilquis to give him back Sanders. He tries to reason with her and even sway her to his side. Bilquis refuses all. She continues to pray. Mr. World, back in his mask, green lights the killing of Bilquis is she doesn’t give up Sanders. Mr. Wednesday appears to go off the deep end.

Do Shadow and Tech Boy save Bilquis or does Shadow answer Claudia’s about Wednesday? Who answers Bilqui’s prayers? Is Bilquis Shadow’s true mother? I need to know! What do you think? What do you think of Wednesday’s plotting and planning? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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