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Yay! I am so happy there is more! I was irate when I thought Laura skipping away with Gungnir was the end of the season. So without further ado, we open to Cordelia driving and almost getting into a head-on collision. She is going to Skyline View to pick up Mr. Wednesday. They are heading to Chicago. I’m always worried about Cordelia as she is a mortal in divine goings-on.

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Laura and Doyle are riding along on their way to kill Wednesday. Since Laura knows nothing about using a spear, Doyle convinces her to stop so he can teach her. Shadow is back in town and stops to see Marguerite. She’s on the way for a call about Derek. It appears he hung himself. Someone made it look like Derek killed Allison. Mr. World is back to his old self and bids Tech Boy adieu, leaving him on the table where he locked him up. Once gone Tech Boy makes his move and starts finding out about artifact one. Shadow pisses off Marguerite by having spoken to Sandy’s father and finding out Sandy is missing.

It’s a good thing they stopped. Laura can’t throw the spear very far or very hard. Doyle gives her back the coin as a loan. She can’t miss him if she has it. The coin certainly proves its power. Wednesday goes to Czernobog to ask him to be his second in peace talks. Czernobog is having none of it. He wants war. He doesn’t want to be forgotten. Wednesday says please, which he never does, and something changes for Czernobog. While listening to the music album Sandy made, Shadow is drawn to the books of newspapers. He finds more missing kids that everyone has put behind them. When Shadow tries to talk to Sheriff Chad, Chad doesn’t want to hear it.

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Shadow makes it to the ice festival. I don’t know what it is about Ann-Marie but, something is off with her. I don’t trust her. Something in the Ganesha ice figure draws Shadow’s attention. It’s the coin that came through the ice and stopped under the tire of the car on the ice. Shadow goes out to the car and finds Allison. Frozen and iced over. Just as he makes the discovery, the car goes through the ice when he predicted it would. In the water, he found the rest of the missing children.

Laura and Doyle hunker down for the night in the church they did target practice at. Laura proposes sex to Doyle. He agrees only for her to decide not to. Poor Doyle. He’s taking it like a champ though. They decide on going sky diving after she kills Odin (Wednesday). Shadow is dreaming. He and Marguerite are together and have a baby. When Shadow goes to check on the said baby, Marguerite drowns him. Then he wakes up in a bathtub. Czernobog, after throwing his form of a temper tantrum, acquiesces to being Wednesday’s second.

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The bathtub belongs to Ann-Marie. She left him clothes and gives him a blanket and something to drink. I was right! Something is off about Ann-Marie. She owed Wednesday a favor so she gave Shadow a place to stay and everything. All the missing kids are because of her. They are her sacrifices to herself. Sheriff Chad walks in as she says as much.

What happens with Sheriff Chad, Ann-Marie, and Shadow? Does Laura kill Odin? Things are really heating up now! Does this mean Chad believes Shadow? What happens next? Will Laura kill a God? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next week…