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Powerless – Emergency Punch-Up

Teddy, Ron & Wendy are psyched for the retreat!
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Team building and company retreats are a crucial part of corporate culture, or so I gather. Everyone at Wayne security is going on a retreat that Emily organized to perfection. She made sure there was parasailing for Ron, an artisanal cheese tasting with Ira Glass for Teddy, and so much more.

Unfortunately, because the universe has to take all good things away from Emily, Dr. Psycho releases a gas-like weapon onto Charm City and it hits a critical concentration point while Em’s team is still in the office because they were waiting for the last team member (who went on without them).

Everyone is being an ass to Emily and blaming her for missing the retreat. They’re also being unhelpful in coming up with a solution. So she hauls ass ~again~ and puts together a basically perfect Luau themed party. Everyone is drinking and having a good time until the desert island game (which co-worker you’d want to be stuck on a desert island forever with) goes very wrong (duh) and results in Teddy breaking the glass and contaminating the air.

Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

They all hide in the lab but the masks and food are in the lobby of the office, while they fight over who has to go out there and get the supplies, Emily takes it upon herself to be the hero. Unfortunately, she’s out there too long and starts to feel the effects of the gas, aka she starts being a jerk to everyone and unloading all of her crap on them.

It’s actually a nice change from the always eager to please perfect all the time persona Emily usually has, at least now she’s speaking her mind! As she goes on and on berating everyone, they calm her down by singing karaoke and distracting her from her hatred.

Eventually, the gas wears off and everything goes back to normal. The next day back at work, everyone is nicer to Em because they FINALLY realized how she literally does everything for them. They even go the extra mile and invite her out for her favourite activity, karaoke.

Powerless - Season 1
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Powerless airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC

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