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We open to Cordelia driving an unnaturally quiet Wednesday away and trying to pull him into the conversation. Suddenly a flaming torso drops onto the road in front of Black Betty. Wednesday hurries her back to the car. He knows what’s up but doesn’t let her in on it. Something is in the trees. Something is wrong.

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I don’t trust Ann-Marie. Something is off with her. She’s watching Shadow stand outside the Sheriff’s Station. Shadow follows to the store and they discuss Shadow seeing Derek jumping from someone’s window. Laura and Salim are talking to Mr. World and his minions. They want to help Laura kill Wednesday. If she kills him, there will be no war led by Wednesday. Back at Derek’s, Shadow brings the Sheriff to talk to him. Derek explains himself and maybe listens to the Sheriff. Salim asks Laura to let him broker the deal with World. Surprisingly she allows it.

Cordelia shows up in Lakeside. She’s a little freaked out. Wednesday revealed that he is Odin and it’s a little overwhelming to her. Salim and Laura make a deal with Mr. World. Wednesday showed up at Shadow’s apartment. Wednesday tries to get Shadow to go with him but Shadow refuses. Though he does offer assistance. Cordelia decides to stay with Wednesday.

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Mr. Ibis, the God Thoth, continues writing. He tells of Bilquis. Bilquis is looking for answers. The answer she got was the face of an old woman. Shadow is in the middle of skating lessons. Suddenly he sees a shadow hit the ice and go under. A coin came up through the ice and slid to the tire of the car. Bilquis goes to a party in search of the woman she saw. She finds her right away. Bilquis, a Goddess, is sent away quickly too. The Orisha’s guide Bilquis so that she can achieve her goal. It is up to Bilquis to help Shadow fulfill his destiny.

What is Shadow’s destiny? So many questions!!!! The next episode is the season finale I think. They aren’t even close to answering anything? What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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