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We open to Tyr and Wednesday killing men to gain treasure. They are great friends and comrades. Tyr tells Wednesday of a Goddess he wants to woo. Wednesday offers to help him win her. She takes one look at Wednesday and Tyr knows something is there between them instantly.

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Wednesday gets caught not taking his meds. As he and Hank the orderly talk, he offers to help hank win the affection of Elizabeth, a therapist at the ward. Laura tells Shadow that she wants to kill Wednesday. She wants Shadow to tell her where Wednesday is. Shadow refuses and reveals Wednesday is his father. Laura is still determined to kill Wednesday.

Wednesday reminds Demeter of their bargain. Demeter gets him shooed off. Tech Boy is still unwell. He tries to run a diagnostic on himself and is confused and pissed off by the questions and results. The machine keeps asking about emotions and Tech Boy denies having them but he appears afraid. He needs artifact one. What is that?

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Salim and Laura are in a hotel near Shadow. They try to come up with another plan to find Wednesday. Allison is still missing. The town is turning on the sheriff. Ms. World changes her appearance yet again. This time he is Mr. World again but not the same as before. Wednesday is helping Hank by putting on a shadow play. He mainly wants to reach Demeter’s heart.

Tech Boy is noticeably unwell and Mr. World asks about it. After denying there was a problem, he reveals he needs artifact one. Mr. World spins some BS about needing him and caring for him. Mr. World has artifact one and makes a call warning people that Tech Boy is unwell. He also reveals to whoever he is talking to, about Laura being back.

Wednesday has everyone’s attention for the shadow play. He is telling the story of himself, Tyr, and Demeter. Demeter is moved to tears. Tyr is also in the crowd and Demeter leaves with him. It is not unnoticed by Wednesday. Wednesday and Tyr part hurling insults. Shadow goes to dinner at Marguerite’s and meets her sister. Turns out they have already met. Sam Blackcrow gave Shadow a ride to Cairo in season one. She doesn’t reveal who he is really to her sister.

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Wednesday goes to soothe things over with Demeter. He bares his heart and she bares hers. This is done through a door. She tells him that she has the release papers and that she is ready to leave. I think he truly cares for Demeter.

Does Demeter leave with Mr. Wednesday? What is artifact one? Why does Ms./Mr. World keep changing? It’s a little hard to keep up. What do you think so far? This season isn’t as exciting as the last two. It seems as though it is winding up for a big next season. Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…