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Insecure Season Finale – “Ghost-Like” Review

In the end, not everyone stays a ghost on the season finale of #InsecureHBO.

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Insecure – “Obsessed-Like” Review

Issa’s inner voice goes h.a.m on #InsecureHBO.

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Insecure – “Ready-Like” Review

To ghost or not to ghost, that is the question on #InsecureHBO.

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Insecure – “High-Like” Review

The crew heads to Coachella and hijinks ensue on #InsecureHBO.

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Insecure – “Fresh-Like” Review

Issa reconnects with a party Lyfter and learns to take a leap on #InsecureHBO.

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Insecure – “Backwards-Like” Review

Will Issa ever learn (maybe so, maybe no) on #InsecureHBO?

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Insecure – Still Hella Good

#InsecureHBO S3 shows no sign of slowing down the laughs and the drama.

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Insecure’s Third Season Gets A Premiere Date

The next season of Insecure premieres August 12th at 10:30pm EST only on HBO.

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Insecure – Hella Perspective

30 days with Lawrence, Molly & Issa. Tiffany being pregnant and already doing the most. Kelli still living her best life and thriving, the Due North season finale and Daniel being present for only 2 seconds.

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Insecure – Hella Disrespectful

Tiffany does ~the most~, Kelli continues living her best life, Molly is catching feelings, Dro is probably a lying cheater, Lawrence wears a Canadian Tuxedo and does not adhere to the style guide, Daniel might actually be petty, & Issa well, she goes through some shit.

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Insecure – Hella Shook

Issa just casually rolls up to Daniel’s place and I spend the rest of the episode distracted by his smile and his presence. Other people also have plots I think.

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