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30 days with Lawrence, Molly & Issa. Tiffany being pregnant and already doing the most. Kelli still living her best life and thriving, the Due North season finale and Daniel being present for only 2 seconds.
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The season finale of Insecure spent uninterrupted time with the 3 main characters by following their story for a month each and bringing it all together in the very end. It was a perfect Issa Rae written super-sized episode that was extremely cinematic & beautifully shot by Melina Matsoukas. The only thing that I can pick on is the absolute under-usage of my bae Daniel.

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30 Days with Lawrence

Lawrence starts out his month by running in the LA marathon with Aparna and the crew from Meridien. He spots Issa & Molly in the crowd of people watching the runners and gets thrown off his game for a second but he recovers. Then we see him with Aparna in his new place, christening the kitchen by making a fancy salmon dinner but also fucking on the counters. She encourages him to get involved with her ex – and their coworker’s – startup to learn the ropes before he jumps back into his own thing. At dinner some time later, she tells him about all the good things she’s heard from Colin (the ~ex~) and makes him a bit jealous. Molly is spotted at this restaurant with Quentin, distracting him again. Later still, his friends are helping him install his new giant TV, which they put up crooked, and telling him to not let his woman have a male friend at work – that’s just extra dick hanging around. Finally he gets into a fight with Aparna while they’re driving and she flat out storms off as he gets a call from Issa. Before cutting away from his story, we see him walk in to his old apartment, leaving us all to be like what the fuck is going on?!!

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30 Days with Molly

Molly and Issa are also at this marathon to support Kelli along with Tiff and Derek. They keep waiting for homegirl to run past but she keeps not being in the crowd. Finally they get a text to meet her at the finish line and they all think daaaaaamn we’re friends with the next Usain Bolt. Then we cut to Molly interviewing at another firm! Partnered by 2 black men and a black woman! She is slaying the interview and they seem to be loving her and already appreciating her more than those white dudes. She goes out with Quentin to a very casual place to celebrate (where she sees Lawrence). She wants to keep it casual because he’s not her type, not the kind of guy she thinks she SHOULD be with. Back in therapy (yeas girl slay I’m so happy for you therapy is the most important and that therapist is awesome) she realizes maybe she should stop with the should and see where Quentin can take her. She does just that one night when they’re working late but as she tells Issa & Kelli before the Due North finale, it was meh at best. Back at work the partners tell her they know about her meetings with other firms and instead of stepping up with the $$$ they give her a poorly made “rising star” award. smh. Also Dro’s cheating ass is still texting her. Before cutting away from Molly, we see her in bed, talking to someone whose in the shower, getting a call from Issa and immediately looking concerned.

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30 Days with issa

We go back to the marathon and find out that Kelli’s period hit her like the red wedding right after mile 9 and she had to get bussed to the medic tent. At least her Ivy Park outfit is slaying though. Tiffany makes it about her and the baby for less time than she usually would and then turns into a supportive friend, commending Kelli for making it that far and then commending Molly for knowing her self worth and taking interviews and then she gets to Issa and she blanks. Issa announces then that she’s moving! That pesky gentrification induced rent increase is not something she can afford. At work, her boss finds out about the Vice-Principal’s resistance to letting Latinx students join we got y’all and gets worried these “segregated” sessions will cause a lawsuit. Except now if she ends the program, these kids have nowhere to go again…We don’t know the full extent of what goes down, but some time later Frieda gets promoted and she and Issa have a drink to celebrate. After the Due North finale, Kelli & Molly help her pack up her “valuables” and suggest that she needs to sell some shit. The one thing she can’t part with is her couch, which is when she calls Lawrence, tells him he should have it and gives him a window of time where she’ll be out. Her brother spends the entire episode being salty that she’s moving in with him because she has nowhere to go. At the end, he drops her off so she can hand over her key and waits for her but legit puts her on a timer.

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Now the stories come together. Issa walks into her apartment to find Lawrence, he waited for her because he didn’t like how they left things. They get to talking and honestly have an incredible adult conversation. Each party apologizes for their part in the breakup and their messiness at one point or another in the relationship. They tell each other they love each other and shed some tears and hug it out. She walks him to the door and as he says good-bye, she pictures the whole life they could have had together; they get married, have a baby, live a seemingly happy life, then Issa looks at the camera and we pan right back to where we are, Lawrence on his way out of her life forever and her leaving her apartment. Presumably this is when she calls Molly  in tears while Molly is post-sex with someone we thought was Quentin.

This show continues to show that friendship between women is magical and healing and so very important. Molly plans a whole dinner for her & Issa with a Moroccan theme, complete with wine, burnt lamb, traditional outfits and spiked tea! They on some #blackgirlmagic shit and I am loving it. The next morning Issa gets in a Lyft and goes to DANIEL’S PLACE!!! Bae finally makes an appearance by being a perfect bae and letting Issa move in with him – she says she’s sleeping on the couch but we all know/hope things will go down. Meanwhile Molly gets a text, smiles, puts on some sexy AF lingerie and opens the door to fucking lying and cheating ass DRO! They start making out as if Molly learned nothing from therapy or from Quentin or from me yelling at my TV.

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Good thing we already know there’s going to be a third season because I have so many follow-up questions! Stick with us for all the latest news on Insecure & the gang while we wait for the next season!

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