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If seasons 1 and 2 of HBO’s Insecure taught we viewers anything, it’s that Issa Rae’s series isn’t afraid to go there. With last season’s finale severing the ties between Issa and Lawrence (Jay Ellis), season 3’s debut and second episode dove deep into where Issa Dee’s interpersonal relationships just might end up (*cough* with Daniel *cough*).

With her finances in a state of flux and her living situation precarious, Issa finds herself couch surfing at Daniel’s house while supplementing her income driving for Lyft. The thread linking her to Daniel-while going back years-is tenuous. As she tries to sleep in the living room, Daniel engages in very *ahem* enthusiastic bedroom activities that Issa can hear. It’s awkward and degrading but Issa is a proud one. She grits her teeth and guts it out.

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As for the other protagonist in this journey of insecurity, Molly is…in an interesting place. Vacationing like a boss, relaxing like a boss and still nothing’s changed between her and Dro. Until it does. Molly is good with a physical, non-emotional attachment but Dro isn’t built that way apparently. After overstepping the mark one too many times, Molly gets her key back and kicks Dro to the curb (for now).

With Issa’s role at her main job (We Got Y’all) drastically reduced (and the program itself failing in most of the schools they serve), she’s forced to Lyft more. She gets the drunks, she gets the club girls, she gets a massive dude who drinks too many Capri Suns in the party Lyft. All in all, it’s not enough to make a push in her savings for a new spot of her own. In the words of her financial adviser friend Kelly ” In credit, there’s good, there’s fair, there’s bad and then there’s Issa.” Seeking a different move, Issa applies for a property management position and gets a promising callback. Things may be looking up.

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With Issa and Daniel, there’ll always be drama and there’ll always be something there. After a night out where Daniel lets his professional and personal jealousies show (and the club they’re in has a shooting), he learns a valuable lesson in keeping your friends close. Issa provides him with a connection to a larger presence in the L.A. music scene and he senses that having her around isn’t as bad as he thought.

As he tells Issa she can sleep in his bed while he works in his office, Issa gets a call about the property manager job. Hella decisions, hella now.

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