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In perhaps the MOST hilarious episode of Insecure’s brief 2.5 seasons, we see the crew head out to Coachella to see Beyoncé, get into shenanigans and chill in the beauty of the desert.

Right off, there’s a problem: Molly and her goddang work ethic trying to ditch the plan and work on a brief over the weekend. After a purposeful guilt trip by Issa, she decides to bring her work with her and makes the trip to Coachella alone. Waltzing in to get turned up, she finds Issa knocked out, Tiffany laid out and Kelli in the midst of a badly-timed edible stupor. Shout out to Natasha Rothwell for the best portrayal of a high person on TV that I’ve ever seen.

Courtesy of HBO

While the girls get back into turn up mode, Issa receives a text from potential boo Nathan. He just so happens to be at Coachella and just so happens to be at a pool party with all the rest of the Black Coachella party goers. Turn-up try part II begins in earnest.

At the pool party, the girls meet up with Nathan and his boys who are flush with happy pills. After the Issa, Molly and Kelli go bottoms up (Tiffany refrains even from the weed brownie, being pregnant and all). What ensues is a most amusing turn of events because the pills all hit them differently. Molly tells all of her business to a perfect stranger; Kelli is wandering around Lord knows where; and Issa is in touch sensation heaven with Nathan. It is a mess and a half.

They do decide to ultimately go to Coachella’s festival. If you have tickets to see Beyoncé, you go see Beyoncé. The problem with being first-timers at Coachella is being high first-timers at Coachella. The field spots were secured, the angles were there for perfect Yoncé views…and all of them messed it up. Issa and Nathan ended up on a Ferris wheel doing some *very* inappropriate physical activities; Tiffany left for water and lost their prime spots and Molly and Kelli decides to get buck and fight some festival veterans. It all ends with the crew being thrown out, Kelli trying to run back in, getting taxed and pee-peeing on herself. It is the wrong type of turn up.

Courtesy of HBO

As the crew shakes off the high from the night before (including pregnant Tiffany who did eat part of the weed brownie), they find they have no water but plenty of vodka in their Airbnb rental. As Issa and Tiffany pop in to a store to restock, they have a heart-to-heart with Tiff admitting she’s worried about her place within the crew. She recognizes she’s being dramatic but it’s an emotional moment realizing you can’t do the same things your non-mom friends do anymore.

As Issa grabs the waters, she runs into none other than thirsty Chad (sipping on a Big Gulp, per usual). And whom is standing on the other side of the store? No other than Lawrence himself. Oh snap…

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