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Season 3 of Insecure is (and should be) about evolution and growth. Where each of the crew actually is in their lives and where they actually want to be is always in a state of flux. Issa seems to be in limbo with her job (and living situation); Molly is treading into muddy waters at her new firm; and Daniel is stubbornly clinging to his version of musicality, with no input from outside sources.

As the girls hang-and find out Issa is sleeping in Daniel’s bed-Kelli and Tiffany is properly horrified (while Molly already said her peace). When Kelli mentions an apartment in her budget, Issa mentions her plan to extend her stay with Daniel…a plan met with derision by her crew.

Courtesy of HBO

As for the aforementioned Daniel: with the opportunity to work with a well-established producer like Khalil, he reluctantly jumped in. When they present the finished product to Khalil’s artist Spider, Daniel plays his Norwegian-instrument heavy track. It’s slightly underhanded-Khalil and Daniel blended the Norwegian-infused mix with a bass/drum heavy mix to make something interesting. When Spider comes to listen, Daniel plays his solo track. Khalil is not well pleased.

Meanwhile at Molly’s new firm, work-life is…different from her old office. As she nitpicks about things from the lack of online document signing to no in-house courier service, the crew made the observation that she seems to want to be unsatisfied at her new employer.

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While enjoying a lunch date (?) with Daniel, Issa offers advice on his situation with Khalil. When she tells Daniel he should apologize, Daniel isn’t feeling the vibe. It makes their own vibe awkward and strained…a feeling that’s exacerbated when Daniel indicates a bit of en flagrante delicto later on that evening.

Probably a good thing Issa took that property management position after all…

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