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Issa just casually rolls up to Daniel’s place and I spend the rest of the episode distracted by his smile and his presence. Other people also have plots I think.
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So yeah, after bonding at Kiss & Grind, Issa & bae are back in each others lives. Unfortunately though Issa still wants to hoe so he’s just part of her “hoetation” and she’s not taking him seriously. From the get-go it seems that Daniel is more invested in this than she is, but good for her for getting hers tbh. That’s precisely Molly’s attitude to the whole things, she just wants her friends happiness & doesn’t question Issa’s ways or motives because she can sense Iss needs to hoe (or feel like she’s hoe-ing) for a while. #FEMALEFRIENDSHIP

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To strengthen the above-mentioned hoetation, Issa heads out on a date with a hottie and they have a good time, but he doesn’t fall for her “I’m not tired let’s go somewhere else” sex tricks. He does promise he wants to see her again but men are full of shit so who knows. The best part of this date is definitely when Issa imagines herself making a Horchata pun and ripping open Nico’s shirt. Now Issa has neighbour bae, Daniel, & Nico but she’s still looking to add to the list. One of her potential suitors sends her a dick pic (this is HBO so there’s zeeeroooo censorship) and she looks at it while driving, get thrown, and crashes into the car in front of her. Her car might be done for good (the tow truck guy even says daaaaamn) and she’s hella shook. Issa calls Daniel to tell him she can’t make it to his place but he swoops in like the perfect gentleman he is and comes to pick her up. He’s all “you know I got you” and she picks this exact terrible moment to be honest and tell him that she just wants to hook up and see other people. He VISIBLY tenses up and says that he’s also seeing other people and down with this arrangement. BUT WE CAN TELL HE’S NOT. YALL HE MIGHT LOVE HER. Okay maybe I’m projecting my feelings for him onto him, whatever, leave me alone.

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You know who isn’t in love with any of this? Lawrence! He sees a picture where Issa & Daniel are in the deep background while he’s scrolling on Facebook during jury selection and goes on the full spiral. He stalks Issa’s social media, then Daniel’s social media, then he keeps stalking, until finally hitting that block button. Later he has drinks with Tiffany’s husband and spirals further down the rabbit hole, talking about how Issa was probably stepping out on him the whole time and overanalyzing every little detail of what he’s gathered from her new life. It’s nice to see the gender roles reversed in this situation and it’s also nice to see his friend being real with him and making him acknowledge that he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend and that he’s also to blame for the breakup and the environment he created that led to the infidelity.

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Speaking of infidelity, Molly & childhood-bae finally hook up! See, her adorable parents are having a vow-renewal ceremony so she’s deep in family shit all episode, first it’s good and then it’s not so good. Her family seems great, her brothers are cool, her mom & dad are fantastic, everyone is nice to Lionel who she brought as her date even though we know she wasn’t feeling him (nice to see Sterling again though!) While talking to her aunties, one of them mentions she’s shocked that the couple made it 35 years after “everything he put her through” and Molly is like WHAAAAAAAT?! She confronts her brother, who confirms daddy cheated on mommy. She then confronts her parents; “how could you cheat and why did you stay” and when she doesn’t get the answers she wants she storms off. Childhood-bae drives her home (leaving boyfriend-baa behind with her family) and just as he’s about to leave, she invites him up where they have some hot ass sex. I get that he has an open marriage so I guess it’s not cheating but like also isn’t it?

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Through all this, Molly’s coworker (heyyy Lil Rel) tells her to think about leaving LA and going to a firm or a city where she’s valued & Issa is having some drama at We Got Y’all where Frieda the White Lady is still uncomfortable about the Vice Principal’s racism but Issa is trying to make the best of a situation and not punish all the kids. It’s a complicated line where both women have a point but Frieda might be missing the nuances that Issa can pick up on as someone who deals with and has to ignore racism on the daily. She obviously knows more about communities of color – but she also might be brushing this all off too soon.

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Will Molly move? Will she be uncomfortable around Candice now? Will she dump Lionel? Will Daniel ask Issa to get serious? Will Lawrence confront Issa with all his new feelings? Is Tasha okay? Is Kelli okay after eating that hot ass pepper? Will Issa talk to vice principal Gaines? Will she be able to fix her car? We might find all this out tonight so definitely tune into Insecure on HBO and come back here for more ramble goodness.

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