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With Nathan still in the wind, Issa starts to lose her marbles wondering where the blue-eyed dude has ghosted to. She utilizes the time-honored tradition of a stalker account on Instagram (password changed to ‘slapahoe64’, big up Kelli) to discover that Nathan is alive and well, cutting hair and waltzing around L.A. The paranoia is taking her a bit: the rapping voices are turning into talking voices and the talking voices are leading Issa into all sorts of shenanigans.

And speaking of shenanigans, you know who isn’t getting into any? Lawrence, surprisingly. Focused on work and bettering himself, he decides to head to church to get his mind right. Accompanied by the always entertaining Chad (who makes inappropriate *observations* during the service), Lawrence isn’t sure about the church itself (the pastor used A LOT of social media metaphors) but makes a friend after service (Chad throws off his yoke of bondage and dedicates his life back to the Lord…who knew?).

Courtesy of HBO

As for Molly’s dating life, she has a good date with Andrew from Coachella and then a terrible date with Andrew from Coachella. There’s a lot of deep-rooted insecurity and hurt regarding her wasted time with Dro and when Andrew makes an insensitive joke about it, she walks out on him. The only reason she sees him again is due to Issa stalking Nathan; over a Porto’s cheese ball (so good!), they argue again and it seems like Moldrew ended before it began.

The one solid thing Issa learns during all of the stalking is that you can’t make people be whom you want them to be. She may want Nathan but Nathan isn’t the one for her. After deleting his contact info, she attends a helpful seminar to make her block party dream come true. The fact that the seminar heads up came from Lawrence makes no difference. The two of them are finally in a solid space and that’s all one can really hope for.

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