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If there’s one thing the male fans of Insecure are pleased about, it’s seeing Issa’s ex-boyfriend Lawrence back onscreen. Last week’s episode gives an *ahem* in-depth view of what Lawrence has been up to this last year.

Screwing. Bumping uglies. Doing the nasty. That’s what Lawrence has been up to.

Opening scenes that would’ve made the ancient Romans blush showed Lawrence’s extracurricular activities over the last year. He basically went through his own “hoe phase” and ended up contracting chlamydia from said extracurricular activities. Lawrence contacting all of his former sexual partners is the stuff of awkward nightmares but honestly, it’s what his irresponsible behind deserves.

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Blessedly, Issa is NOT one of the awkward calls Lawrence has to make. Issa is in early-stage likedom with Nathan. It’s going well: he’s supportive of her projects (a neighborhood block party), fun to be with and a good listener. They even have the “This feels right” talk. Everything seems cool…right?

Everything is not cool though. And the proverbial ish hits the fan at Tiffany’s baby shower.

From Kelli’s feelings being devastated by Tiffany’s nonchalance over their friendship (and her offer to throw her shower), to Molly’s shock over Candace and Dro announcing her pregnancy, the hits keep coming for the crew. The only one left somewhat unscathed is Issa, seems like. But looks can be deceiving and deceiver thy name is Nathan.

Courtesy of HBO

After not hearing from bae Nathan for about a week, Issa does get a call from Lyft regarding the investigation on the assault that happened in her vehicle. Yeah, that fistfight Nathan and the big guy drinking all of the Capri Suns in Issa’s party Lyft was investigated by Lyft-an investigation that could’ve taken away Issa’s sole source of income.

And when Lyft found no wrongdoing, Nathan perfected his ghosting act. Bye bye bae…

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