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In the finale episode of the probable strongest season of “Insecure,” Issa enjoys a drama-free 30th birthday, decorates her new apartment (finally) and learns the very definition of standing on her own two feet

With her block party in a state of non-movement and her career in a holding pattern, Issa approaches her 30th name day with a limited plan of action. Molly decides to give Issa a stress and drama-free celebration that keeps her mind off of the still missing Nathan and her overall lack of employment prospects.

Courtesy of HBO

As for bff Molly, she’s carrying all the drama and all the stress for Issa at her own job. After pulling a *slightly* underhanded stunt with another associate, Molly has found herself out on a limb with no friendly faces at work. The fact that this is done all in the name of the partner track is the feather in a not-so-great cap.

The one thing Molly can do is make Issa’s 30th a day to remember. After a nomnom lunch at a soul food Mexican spot, the real fun begins. But first, a familiar face pops up at Issa’s spot. Nathan. Bearing flowers and contrition. And bff Molly isn’t having it.

After giving Nathan his walking papers, she takes Issa to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a special screening of the classic Black film, “The Last Dragon.” It turns out having a film showing in a cemetery turns up all the ghost baes. Kelli sees (or doesn’t see, it’s a bit unclear) her old flame Quantrell (and cusses him out), Issa sees Lawrence and Molly sees her former fwb Jared.

It turns out, that was Quantrell (and he and Kelli are back together) and Molly misread the signals with Jared (again). The only one whom has any real closure is Issa. She and Lawrence are in a good space and it definitely shows.

Winding down the night with some vino and Molly’s company, some harsh truths come to light. Turns out Issa did not appreciate Molly blocking her from seeing Nathan. After the gentlest of reads, Molly goes off into that sweet night for some self-reflection. And Issa Feng Shuis her apartment and comes face-to-face with her ghost. Nathan.

And here’s where Insecure dropped the ball a bit. Nathan explaining to Issa his despondency and inability to communicate with anyone sounds like a classic depressive episode. Instead, Issa treated it as something personal and a violation. The thing with depression is, it manifests in all sorts of ways. And Nathan’s coping mechanism was to withdraw and run. It was the slightest of letdowns in an otherwise outstanding season.

As Issa sips her cocktail, her future looks bright. Insecure no more.

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