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After un-casually reminding Daniel that they’re seeing other people at the end of the last episode, Issa is getting the cold shoulder from him at the beginning of this weeks episode. She’s honestly not having much much with her hoetation at all. Neighbour-Bae is busy with his hoetation so he slams the door in her face, and Nico wants to slow it down and get to know her so she kicks him out. Now Issa’s back to love life on E and her bank account is still on E and now her car is also on E on account of that dick pic fender bender.

Molly is working her ass off – probably to catch up with the white man’s salary – but also to keep her mind off of Dro, who you’ll recall she fucked good last week after finding out her dad is a cheater. When we drop in on her, she’s having another late night as Dro calls. She’s trying to stay away from him and not do him again but she gives in and accepts his date invite. The date leads to playful banter which leads to flirting which leads to seeeeeeeeeeex. They get interrupted when Candice, THE WIFE, calls Dro and he immediately goes to her. I can’t wait for the day when she finds out, I’m so curious to what her reaction will be when she realizes this sex is more than just sex for Molly (and probably Dro)

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Lawrence is pitching his WootWoot app to the guys at Meridien! They don’t ask any questions about the presentation or offer any notes, they just says it’s a cool “perspective” (they mean black) and ask about his sneakers a lot. Lawrence thinks it went great because of his cool confidence but one of his female colleagues helps him realize that the white-dudes-in-charge were just trying to not offend him. Sure enough, when he tries to get more constructive criticism out of him, they just go back to his shoes BECAUSE ALL BLACK PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IS SNEAKERS OBVIOUSLY *eye roll and white people.* This is good for him though because he realizes he has to let this app go and move on to something more modern, start the next chapter of his life.

Now let’s talk about Sexplosion; Tiffany, Kelly, Molly, & Issa head to this event where all the latest sex toys and gadgets are on display. They play around with spacecraft-like vibrators and rubber dicky-s while talking about the societal hang-ups about black women and oral sex. Now this part of the episode has caused a lot of debate online, with many calling the debate regressive, stating that black women have come a long way when it comes to sexuality and that these hang-ups about oral sound like they’re coming out of 1992. To the episode’s credit, there is a lot of societal shame placed on oral sex, women who do it are not always painted in the best light. When it comes to women of color, that light is even less flattering. More qualified people have written about this part of the episode though and it is important to call out media when it isn’t being real or truthful or progressive (although shows by white people, and white men, typically do not get this level of criticism for all their bullshit), I just don’t think Insecure has to represent everything for everyone or be a perfect depiction of black life all the tiime. Black people are nuanced and so different from one another (this is so d’uh, but just in case you didn’t know – all people are different, grouping them is stupid) and they deserve to have all of their stories told, not just this version of the story which the writers say rang true in their writers room and started a heated debate.

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Anyway, at Sexplosion, the girls learn blow-job tips and Issa wants to try it out on Daniel, because she genuinely likes him (in my opinion) and also because he’s the only guy left in her hoetation. It’s going really well, well enough for him to give her the “I’m gonna cum” warning but she’s doing too well of a job and he’s barely able to make a full sentence. It gets weird and she pulls away or he pulls out and then he cuts right in her eye. He’s immediately apologetic and wants to help her clean up but Issa flips OUT! She literally storms out because how dare he do that in her face! As she’s waiting outside for her Uber Pool, she’s holding a cocktail napkin to her eye because homegirl is dramatic AF. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me, it might to others, but that’s the sort of thing anyone should discuss with their partner before giving head, so sperm doesn’t go flying all over the place. Issa’s reaction also probably comes from the fact that her hoe-phase is so not going the way she planned it and she’s frustrated with life.

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