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With Issa settling into her new role as property manager-and her tenuous thread to her day job on the rocks-things really start to move and shake on last week’s Insecure.

As she moves into her new apartment, Issa’s last tie to Daniel gets a bit thinner as he brushed past Molly with a terse hi and bye. It’s a fresh start and new beginning for Issa Dee: new apartment, new (part-time) job and a potential new friend who happens to be a handsome dude.

Courtesy of HBO

In a chance meeting at the local, global taco spot, Issa runs into (literally) the cutie Nathan from her party Lyft. Connecting over how good the tacos actually are (for an hour wait, they better be the best tacos in the galaxy), Issa takes Nathan on a walking/driving tour of her old haunts. Chatting about the differences between the hustle in L.A. and Houston, the vibe between the two is easy, relaxed, chill. It’s a nice change of pace from the stressful end Issa had with Lawrence and the uncomfortable-sometimes passionate-flow with Daniel.

Nathan is a good conversationalist and we all know Issa loves to talk; the way they hang onto each other’s words is sweet. It hopefully portends a strong friendship between them, at the least.

Courtesy of HBO

At minimum, Nathan encourages Issa to take chances, to stretch her limits. After a spirited game of ‘Truth or Dare’ (where they ended up skinny dipping in Issa’s old family home pool), they share an adorable kiss. I enjoyed seeing two people-clearly attracted to each other-take things slowly. It’s a rarity on premium cable (especially HBO) but I believe it sets them up for the potential for longtime success. Bingo.

And remember that encouragement Nathan gave Issa by giving his testimony on working for himself and taking a chance? It took route and Issa told We Got Y’all “I’m out!” We’ll see how long this lasts…

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